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10 Cute Summer Sandals with Arch Support

Summer is sandals season. It’s also a time for long walks, which means you need some comfortable footwear to get you through the day. Sandals with arch support are the best option for occasions that requires a lot of walking. But often you’ll find yourself sacrificing your sense of fashion for the sake of comfort. With the options presented here, you’ll find that it is possible to be both fashionable and comfortable.

The Importance of Sandals with Arch Support

Your feet serves as the foundation of your body. As such, it has to be both stable and balanced so it can support your weight. Otherwise, you will have to deal with a lot of problems.

Insufficient foot support leads to feelings of pain or discomfort in the hips, knees, lower back, and shoulder. Even less obvious issues such as headaches and stomach aches can be attribute to bad foot support. Foot problems can cause emotional stress and can contribute to physiological changes in the body, and these include issues with blood sugar, adrenal stress, and fatigue. So if you want to avoid any of these problems, it is important that you wear footwear with proper support.

The arch is the most important part of the foot that needs support. It is the structure that deals with pressure associated with movement. Arch height isn’t the same for every person, and it also changes as you age.

Tips for Choosing the Right Footwear

How a piece of footwear looks may matter, but what is most important to consider is that it fits. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose; it needs to be just right.

And most obvious of all, it should be the right length and width for your feet. This simply means that your entire foot and all its parts should sit nicely inside and not hanging over on the side.

Of course, proper arch support should always be part of the consideration. That said, here are some of the best summer sandals – cute ones at that – that you can choose from:

Best Cute Summer Sandals with Arch Support

  1. Merrell Womens Solstice ThongCute Summer Sandals with Arch Support

If simple is what defines your sense of style, then you couldn’t go wrong with this slip-on from Merrell. It features full grain leather suppers and pig skin lining, which offers both breathability and comfort.

This Merrell thing comes with an EVA footbed and a metal arch shank. It also has air cushioning on the heel to absorb shock and provide stability. The M Select GRIP outsole is made of recycled synthetic leather while the forefoot and heel pads are made of 20% recycled rubber.


  1. Kork-Ease Amboy Slide SandalCute Summer Sandals with Arch Support

Some people are more comfortable when the straps cover a bit more of the foot, and that’s essentially what you have with the Kork-Ease Amboy Slide Sandal. And there are benefits to having a more cover: it helps ensure a snug fit.

Then again, what is a snug fit if it isn’t comfortable to wear? Thankfully, the Amboy Slide Sandal is really comfortable. The cushioned cork footbed is comfortable and it also offers sufficient arch support.

The slip-on design also makes this quite convenient – perfect for spontaneous days out under the summer sun. Or maybe just that quick trip to the grocery to get missing ingredients.


  1. Aertrex Sheila SandalCute Summer Sandals with Arch Support

Aertrex produces many great sandal designs, and the Sheila is one of them. Not only do the models look stylish, they are pretty comfortable as well.

The Sheila is a great blend of style and simplicity. It works well as a rather dressy sandal to pair with shorts or jeans. It works equally well as a casual sandal to put on during days for random walks around the neighborhood.

This particular model also features a midfoot strap that provides extra support.


  1. UGG Kari Flat SandalCute Summer Sandals with Arch Support

UGG is known for their comfortable and stylish boots, but their sandal line is just as great. The Kari Flat Sandal is a perfect example of simplicity and comfort. With a 0.5-inch platform, it provides just enough height needed for comfort. The wide crisscross straps also ensure a secure fit and the rubber toe and heel provide a much-needed cushion for comfortable walking.


  1. Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Suede SandalCute Summer Sandals with Arch Support

Birkenstock has been in the business for ages, and this Suede Sandal continues the trend of comfortable footwear the company is known for. This is a sandal that’s considered foot health in its design. For instance, the raised toe-bar takes into account the natural gripping motion of feet and encourages it. As a result, it helps with circulation and giving your legs a bit of exercise.

The footbed is contoured and lined with suede. The combination not only makes the sandal comfortable, it will mold itself to the shape of your foot. In other words, a custom footbed will be created as you use the sandal. Birkenstock has long been a sandal with arch support.  Luckily they are just for hippies anymore.

Also worthy of note: the material used to create the footbed is 100% renewable and sustainable.


  1. Olukai Po’iu SandalCute Summer Sandals with Arch Support

Strappy, stylish, and comfortable – those are the words that can describe the Po’iu Sandall from Olukai. The design has summer written all over it, and will go with almost any of your planned summer outfits. It doesn’t matter if you want to don a dress today or a pair of shorts tomorrow, they fit perfectly well with the Po’iu.

The strappy design isn’t just for fashion purposes. Sure, it makes the footwear look cute stylish, but they are also there to prevent slippage. On top of that, the Po’iu’s leather-lined soles are anatomically contoured to provide that extra comfort. the Po’iu doesn’t look like a sandal with arch support but it really is.


  1. Mephisto Helen Twist Gladiator SandalCute Summer Sandals with Arch Support

There are classic looks that remain stylish to this day. Then there are updates to the traditional design that not only look great but serve a purpose as well. That is what you get with the “twist” in this Mephisto’s Helen Gladiator Sandal.

The “twist” is just a braided strap in place of the more usual one you see in sandals. But the braid is more than just an eye-catcher: it keeps your foot in place as well. A cork footbed helps ensure comfort during walks of any duration. The 1-inch heel also provides just enough height for comfort.


  1. Clarks Corsio Amelia Ankle Strap SandalCute Summer Sandals with Arch Support

Ankle-strap sandals look cool, and with the Corsio Amelia from Clarks, you get a cool-looking sandal that is also quite comfortable. Style and comfort almost always never go together, but you get both of those with this model.

This is part of the Artisan Collection of Clarks and it is a flat sandal with a suede upper and decorative vamp. It also has an adjustable buckle closure so you can choose your preferred fit. The foam-cushioned footbed makes this sandal quite the comfortable partner for summer walks.

The sandal works well with many items in your summer wardrobe. It won’t look out of place when paired with a sundress. And it blends perfectly well with the usual shirt-and-shorts summer look.


  1. Ecco Damara Strap SandalCute Summer Sandals with Arch Support

Where does your summer walks take you? You don’t need sandals with arch support to get the mail and lay around all day. Do you go around the neighborhood? Are you headed for hilly areas? Or are you going to a place with lots of steps to climb? Whichever the case, footwear from Ecco provide all comfort, flexibility, and durability you need.

Like other Ecco designs, the Damara features a roomy toe area for better weight support. The design also gets narrower from the heel to the instep but remains suitable for all widths.

Apart from comfort, Ecco designs also use a moisture-absorbent foam that has been treated with AGION for bacteria and odor control. The foam also has a pumping effect that gets activated as you keep walking, which results in air being pushed out of the holes for air circulation around the foot.


  1. Vionic Sosha Toepost SandalCute Summer Sandals with Arch Support

The design of this sandal definitely brings on the cute. The fringe at the top of the leather uppers adds a bit of flair, making this sandal great for dressier occasions. But just because it looks rather stylish doesn’t mean you can’t wear this for daily outings. It’s a design that works for all occasions.

What makes the Sosha interesting is its midsole. It is lined with microfiber which helps absorb shock so that there is less stress on your ankles, knees, and feet. The heel height is perfect at one inch and the outsole is made of durable rubber.

The Best Sandals with Arch Support

Sandals are the summer footwear of choice, and why shouldn’t they be? The hot weather is an occasion for feet to feel the light of day after being locked up in closed shoes. Since summer is an occasion for being fashionable, sandals also come in different styles that suit many preferences. There are ankle-strap varieties, wide toe models, and strappy versions – all catering to a particular fashion sensibility. The list of sandals presented here offer sandal designs to choose from. And on top of it all, they offer comfort needed for all those summer walks.

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