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How To Be Flirty Over Text

Hey there, are you looking to up your flirting game over text? Whether you’re trying to get to know someone new or keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship, flirting over text can be a fun and exciting way to connect with someone. But how do you do it without coming across as too cheesy or over-the-top? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some tips on how to be flirty over text in a way that feels natural, playful, and fun.

How to be Flirty Over Text

Did you know that flirting is good for you? So, let’s answer the main question: how do you be flirty over text? Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Use Emojis Emojis are a great way to add some personality and playfulness to your texts. Use heart eyes, winky faces, and other flirty emojis to show your crush or partner that you’re interested.
  2. Tease Them A little teasing can go a long way when it comes to flirting over text. Playfully poke fun at them or make a witty comment to show off your sense of humor and keep the conversation interesting.
  3. Use Compliments Everyone likes to feel appreciated, so use compliments to make your crush or partner feel good about themselves. Whether it’s their appearance, personality, or something they’ve accomplished, letting them know you notice and appreciate it can be a great way to flirt over text.
  4. Be Playful Flirting is all about having fun, so don’t be afraid to be a little silly or playful with your texts. Make a pun, send a funny meme, or tell a corny joke to show off your playful side.
  5. Keep it Simple Remember, you don’t have to go overboard to be flirty over text. Simple gestures like asking about their day, sending a cute selfie, or just saying you’re thinking of them can go a long way in showing your interest.

The How to Flirt Over Text

Now that we’ve covered how to be flirty over text, let’s address some related questions you might have:

How Do I Start Flirting Over Text?

If you’re not sure where to start, try sending a simple message that shows you’re thinking of them, like “Hey, how’s your day going?” From there, you can start to incorporate some of the flirting tips we’ve discussed.

What are Some Good Conversation Starters for Flirting Over Text?

Asking questions is always a good way to start a conversation and show your interest. Try asking about their hobbies, favorite TV shows, or something interesting they’ve recently done.

How to Flirt via Text

How Do I Know if They’re Flirting Back?

If they’re responding with similar flirty texts, using emojis, or asking you questions, chances are they’re flirting back. But if they’re not responding with enthusiasm or seem disinterested, it might be time to back off a bit.

The Dos and Don’ts of Flirting Over Text


  1. Use humor: A good sense of humor can go a long way when flirting over text. Make witty comments or send funny memes to keep the conversation light and playful.
  2. Compliment them: Let your crush know you’re thinking about them by giving them a genuine compliment. It can be something as simple as telling them they have a great smile or that you love their sense of humor.
  3. Be yourself: The most important thing is to be authentic and true to yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not just to impress your crush.
  4. Use emojis: Emojis can help convey tone and add some personality to your messages. Just be careful not to overuse them and come across as too juvenile.


  1. Don’t be too aggressive: While it’s okay to show your interest, don’t be too pushy or demanding. Respect their boundaries and take things at a pace that’s comfortable for both of you.
  2. Don’t send too many messages: Sending too many messages in a row or bombarding your crush with texts can come across as desperate or needy. Give them space and time to respond.
  3. Don’t send inappropriate messages: This should go without saying, but avoid sending anything vulgar or explicit over text. Not only is it inappropriate, but it can also make your crush feel uncomfortable.
  4. Don’t be too vague: While a little mystery can be intriguing, being too vague or cryptic can come across as confusing or disingenuous. Be clear about your intentions and what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Overall, flirting over text can be a fun and exciting way to get to know someone better. Just remember to be respectful, authentic, and have fun with it!

How to Flirt Over Text Without Being Too Obvious

Use subtle compliments: Instead of making a direct comment on their appearance or personality, try using a subtle compliment that can be interpreted in different ways. For example, “You always have the best taste in music” can be seen as a compliment about their musical taste or as a hint that you enjoy spending time with them.

How to Flirt via Text

Use open-ended questions: Ask questions that require more than a simple yes or no answer. This can keep the conversation going and allow for more opportunities to flirt. For example, instead of asking “Do you like Italian food?” try “What’s your favorite Italian dish?”

Use playful teasing: Light-hearted teasing can be a fun way to flirt without being too obvious. Just make sure to keep it in good spirits and avoid being mean or hurtful.

Use emojis strategically: Emojis can help convey tone and add some personality to your messages. Use them sparingly to add some subtle flirtation to your texts.

Be attentive: Pay attention to what your crush is saying and respond in a way that shows you’re interested in them. Ask follow-up questions and show that you’re listening to what they have to say.

Overall, the key to flirting over text without being too obvious is to keep it subtle and playful. You should be cute. Use your words and emojis strategically, be attentive to your crush, and don’t be afraid to use some playful teasing. Just remember to respect their boundaries and take things at a pace that’s comfortable for both of you.

Flirting Over Text in a Long-Distance Relationship

How to Flirt via Text

Flirting over text can be a fun and exciting way to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship. Here are some tips to help you flirt with your partner over text:

  1. Send thoughtful messages: Send messages that show you’re thinking of them and care about them. It could be a simple “good morning” message or a message asking how their day is going.
  2. Use emojis and GIFs: Emojis and GIFs can help add some personality to your messages and convey your tone of voice. Use them to add some humor or flirtation to your texts.
  3. Play games: Play games like “would you rather” or “truth or dare” over text to keep things interesting. It can be a fun way to learn more about each other and keep the conversation going.
  4. Share photos and videos: Share photos and videos of your day-to-day life with your partner to make them feel included in your life. You could also send flirty photos or videos to keep things spicy.
  5. Plan future visits: Plan future visits and talk about all the things you want to do together when you’re reunited. It can be a great way to keep the excitement alive and give you both something to look forward to.
  6. Be open and honest: Be open and honest about your feelings and communicate regularly with your partner. If something is bothering you, bring it up in a respectful and kind way.

Flirting over text can be a great way to stay connected and keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship. Just remember to be respectful of your partner’s boundaries and take things at a pace that’s comfortable for both of you.

FAQ When Texting Your Crush

If you still have some questions, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered:

Can Flirting Over Text Lead to a Relationship?

Absolutely! Flirting over text can be a great way to build a connection and see if you have chemistry before meeting in person.

How to Flirt via Text

In fact, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to meet and form relationships through online dating apps and social media platforms. Flirting over text can be a great way to get to know someone and build a connection with them before meeting in person.

However, it’s important to remember that not all flirty conversations will lead to a relationship. Some people may just be looking for a casual fling or may not be interested in a serious relationship. It’s important to communicate your intentions clearly and respect your potential partner’s boundaries.

If you’re interested in pursuing a relationship with someone you’ve been flirting with over text, try asking them out on a date. This will give you the opportunity to meet in person and see if there’s a real connection between you.

How Often Should I Text Someone I’m Flirting With?

There’s no set rule for how often you should text someone you’re flirting with, as it really depends on your individual situation. If you’re just getting to know someone, it might be best to keep it to a few times a week to avoid overwhelming them. If you’re in a long-term relationship, texting frequency might be different based on your schedules and how often you see each other in person.

There’s no set rule for how often you should text someone you’re flirting with as it depends on the situation and the person you’re texting. However, here are some tips to help you find the right balance:

  1. Pay attention to their response time: If someone is responding quickly to your messages, it’s a good sign that they’re interested in talking to you. If they take longer to respond, it may be a sign that they’re not as invested in the conversation.
  2. Don’t bombard them with messages: It’s important to give the other person space and not overwhelm them with too many messages. If they’re not responding as quickly as you’d like, it’s best to take a break and wait for them to reply.
  3. Keep it balanced: Try to maintain a balance between initiating conversations and responding to messages. If you’re always the one starting the conversation, it may come across as needy or desperate.
  4. Consider their schedule: If the person you’re texting has a busy schedule, it may be best to limit your messages to when they’re free. Respect their time and don’t expect an immediate response.
  5. Follow their lead: Pay attention to their communication style and follow their lead. If they prefer to text sporadically throughout the day, then follow their lead and do the same.
How to Flirt via Text

Ultimately, the frequency of your texts will depend on the person you’re flirting with and your individual communication styles. It’s important to communicate openly and be respectful of each other’s boundaries.

Is it Okay to Use Pickup Lines When Flirting Over Text?

Sure, using a cheesy pickup line can be a fun way to break the ice and show your sense of humor. Just make sure to use them sparingly and only if you think your crush or partner will appreciate it.

Using pickup lines when flirting over text can be a hit or miss. While some people may find them funny and engaging, others may find them cheesy or even offensive. It’s important to understand the context and the person you’re texting before using a pickup line.

Consider the person you’re texting and their sense of humor. If they’re someone who enjoys playful banter, then a well-placed pickup line may be appreciated. However, if they’re more serious or not interested in that type of humor, then it may fall flat.

How to be Flirty Over Text With a Guy

Flirting over text with a guy can be a fun and exciting way to get to know each other better. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Use his name: Using his name in a text can help create a more personal and intimate connection. It shows that you’re thinking of him specifically and not just sending a generic message.

Use emojis: Emojis can add an extra layer of playfulness and flirtation to your messages. Use them sparingly and appropriately to convey your mood or feelings.

Compliment him: A genuine compliment can go a long way in making him feel special and appreciated. Compliment his appearance, personality, or achievements, but avoid being too forward or overly sexual.

Keep it playful: Flirting should be fun and playful, so use humor to keep the conversation light and engaging. Tease him in a friendly way, share funny stories or jokes, and keep the conversation flowing.

Use suggestive language: Suggestive language can be a subtle way to show your interest without being too obvious. Use suggestive language like “I can’t stop thinking about you” or “I wish you were here with me” to let him know you’re interested.

Avoid being too pushy: While it’s important to show your interest, it’s also important to respect his boundaries. Avoid being too pushy or aggressive in your flirting, and be mindful of his responses and comfort level.

Remember, flirting over text should be fun and playful. Be yourself, be confident, and enjoy getting to know him better!


So there you have it – our tips on how to be flirty over text! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to spice up an existing relationship, these tips can help you add some fun and excitement to your text conversations. Remember to keep it playful, be yourself, and most importantly, have fun! Good luck, and happy flirting!

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