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Cute Relationship Quotes For a Special Someone

Everyone falls in love and using cute relationship quotes is a way for you to express your feelings to one another. There are lots of ways for you to describe in words how you feel. There are also thousands of love quotes that people have come up with throughout the years and the list is getting bigger as time goes by.Cute Relationship Quotes

Here are some of the cute relationship quotes that you can use to express your feelings to a certain person that you love.

  • I love the way we look together. As sweet as sugar and as nice as ice. – This is a perfect quote whether you are a boy or a girl. This is saying to your partner that he/she are made for each other.
  • We are like a deck of cards; different colors and symbols but one cannot work without the whole set. – This one is for people who adequate their relationship with surviving anything even in complicated situations.
  • My relation with you is not like Rain, Which comes and goes away. My relation is like Air, Sometimes Silent but always Around You – This pertains to the relationship that has gone through hardships. The couple has conquered the hardest obstacle in their lives.
  • I love my eyes when you look into them. I love my name when you say it. I love my heart when you touch it. I love my life when you are in it. – This refers to a person who is deeply in love with his/her partner. This is a cute quote that pertains to the precious relationship of a couple.
  • Facebook keeps asking me what’s on my mind and honestly it’s always you. – This is a good quote that can be used by people who are always posting on their social media account. No matter how buy they are in browsing their social media, their partner is always on their mind.
  • When people talked about soul mates, I never believed them; until I met you. – It does not come too often that you will be with your soul mate and when this happens, this is one of the miracles of life that you should be thankful for.
  • Iloveyou; I wrote it with no spaces so there’s no room for anyone else. – This is an adorable quote that you can say to your girlfriend or boyfriend. This means that there is no one else in his/her life. This will define a very tight hug.Cute Relationship Quotes
  • Everyone has an addiction, mine happens to be you. – Addiction can be positive if it is a good thing like true love. There are no hesitations about what you can give to your partner and you will cherish him/her for the rest of your life.
  • You held me so tight I couldn’t breathe, but there wouldn’t be a better way to die. – Nothing lasts forever but if you would spend your last breath with a person this is the best quote to give him/her. That person is yours
  • Everyone has their weakness, but I have two: everything you say, and everything you do. – If you are in love with someone, you will never get over him/her. This is a very adorable relationship quote that you can use to express yourself.
  • You are the air that makes the balloon of my heart float. – Give this quote to someone that gives you pure happiness. Being with the person that you love and adore is really good for your heart.
  • If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you’ve made me smile, the entire sky would be in the palm of my hand. – Give this to the person who always makes you smile even if there is no reason. There is no one that can do that to you but the person you truly love.
  • There are lots of people who can call you by your name but there is only one person who can make it sound so special. – Even though there are billions of people all over the world, there is no way that anyone can replace the person you love.
  • Love is a two-way street constantly under construction. – The couple should always make their relationship stronger because it is a never-ending The couple can make their relationship even better.
  • Love: Two minds without a single thought. – When couples are in love they can do many things and they are not restricted to what they can accomplish together.
  • You’re my reflection, all I see is you. – When you are in love you see nothing but him/her. This is very true and this relationship quote is best used by new couples.
  • You are the compass that guides me in life. – Couples should take care of one another and guide each other to the right path. Being with someone you love inspires you to be better every day and do well in life.
  • Through both the tears and the laughter, we are stronger than ever before. – The relationship is not always perfect and couples will go through trials and hardships. They should stand strong and conquer these trials through thick and thin.Cute Relationship Quotes
  • I can’t wait to see where else our love will lead us. – Having a relationship is a journey and nothing is carved in stone. Both of you should work out your relationship and look forward to the future no matter where it takes you.
  • I feel like a bubble when I am with, full of color and with the ability to fly. – When you are in love, there are many wonderful things that might happen to your life. It is really an amazing feeling that nothing can be compared to.
  • For the first time in my life, I don’t have to try to be happy. When I’m with you, it just happens. – Being in love will make you happy and contented no matter what the situation is. Always be thankful for the blessing of being in love.
  • I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye. – This says that if you love someone it is very hard to say goodbye. There are situations where you will part ways. Even though it may be temporary, it is very hard.
  • A moment in time is enough to fall in love, but all the lifetime is not enough to be with you, my – Love is eternal and it cannot be compressed to a person’s lifetime. This says that the expression of one’s love cannot be measured by time.
  • Let’s commit the perfect crime. I’ll steal your heart and you steal mine. – Well, there is no way that you can steal the heart of the person you love and loves you because you already have. This is a cute quote for new couples.
  • I don’t love you because I need you, I need you because I love you. – You are together with a person because you love him/her and not because you need him/her.
  • One day I caught myself smiling for no reason, then I realized I was thinking of you. – This is also a quote for a new This says that you do not realize that you are thinking of the person you love and it makes you feel happy.
  • When you look at me, I know we are together because it was meant to be – The moment you set your eyes on each other and held one another’s hand, you know that you are made for each other.

How do you use cute relationship quotes?

Cute Relationship QuotesCute relationship quotes can be used as advice in terms of how to work a relationship. Even if you are not that romantic, you can still show your feelings and let him/her know that he/she is appreciated. You can use these quotes and write it on a greeting card to be given to your loved one. Every relationship is unique in one way or another and there are numerous relationship quotes that you can use.

Even though you have been together for so many years, try to be sweet most of the time. You can also take a picture of your partner and use the relationship quotes as a caption. This will let other people know that you are expressing your love to that special someone.


Do not be afraid to let the person you love know how you really feel. If you are not used to saying sweet words, there is always a reason to create positive changes to your attitude. Just try to remember your courting stage where you are super romantic to a person. This should be always the situation for every couple so that you always appreciate each other and be affectionate.

A strong relationship should have chemistry, romance, respect, and love. Another important factor in having a successful relationship is communication. No matter how long the relationship is there are always many things to say about each other. There are many sweet words that can express yourself and say to your significant other that you love him/her. Saying cute relationship quotes the person you love will bring joy and happiness.

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