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Cute Animals with Big Ears

Our planet is blessed with numerous animals with incredible characteristics. Today we are going to discover some of the more famous animals with big ears. Actually we’re only going to discuss cute animals with big ears. There are various animals with huge ears, but not all of them are cute, like the African wild dog.

A set of big ears not only enhances the cuteness of the animals but also increases their hearing abilities. Here we are presenting a list of some cutest animals with huge ears.

Fennec Fox – King of Cute Ears

Fennec fox is a desert fox found in the Sahara Desert of North America. It is a miniature fox with a tiny face, sparkling eyes, and big ears. The adorable animal is the smallest fox in our globe. Its large ears make it even cuter.

The big ears help the fox to hear the sound of the movement of its prey from a far distance. They also help the creature to stay cool under the hot sun.

The Fennec fox is an omnivorous mammal. They can eat just about anything, including animals and plants. All foxes are nocturnal, or active at nighttime. The Fennec spends most of the day under the ground and emerge in the dark to find its prey. They are social animals and are usually found groups.

Hard to Get Cutter than a Long-eared Jerboa

The Long-ear Jerboa is a super tiny and adorable mouse-like rodent. The incredibly shy animals have large ears and a long tail. Its huge ears are two-thirds of the length of its body. It is a jumping desert rodent and can run extremely fast. The animal is an omnivore rodent. Their diet includes insects, plants and seeds. 90% of jerboa are insectivorous.

The Jerboa is a solitary animal. They are nocturnal mammals and spend daytime sheltering in burrows underneath the sand. As a natural prey to many biggers animals, it is quite good at hiding. They need live vegetation therefore, probably not the best pet.

The Flemish Giant Rabbit Might be have the Biggest Ears

Rabbits are one of the cutest animals of our planet. They look adorable, even when they get older.

And how are rabbits not going to make the cute list, especially if we are talking about ears. Flemish giant rabbit is also the cutest one. These giant rabbits have a long body and large ears. The pair of huge ears contribute to excellent hearing sense and also enhance the beauty of the rabbit.

These rabbits are herbivores animals. Their diet includes grass, vegetables, etc. They eat a lot as compared to small rabbits. The Flemish rabbit is loving, calm and playful. They have a docile nature. They can become wonderful pets. You can make a friendly and loyal bond with them.

More Rabbits – Plush Lop

The plush lop rabbit is one of the most popular rabbits among the children. It looks so innocent and adorable. The mini rabbit is a unique kind of domestic rabbits. It comes in various attractive colors. It has a pair of long ears. The big ears are dropping towards the ground.

The Plush Lop rabbit looks like a fluffy ball, which is full of fur. It enjoys fresh foods. This beautiful animal is a sweet, friendly and very playful animal and can become an ideal family pet. Obviously, a non-aggressive animal and an active bunny who loves to play with its toys. It is an easy-going pet, which never demands much time and effort.

Cute Animals with Big Ears – Bush Babies

Bush babies are the cutest miniature mammals. They are also are known as Galagos. These animals are small primates that are found in Africa. They have large ears and eyes. The large sensitive ears are similar to bats’ ears. They can fold their ears. They feed on insects, flowers, seeds, etc.

These are small nocturnal primates. These animals are active at night to find their prey in the dark. Their big ears help them to track down the insects in the dark. Bushbabies are very clever. They are both social and lonely animals.

Who Doesn’t Like Basset Hounds?

There are various kinds of basset hound. These dogs are short-legged animals and have long ears that are hanging to the ground. Their long ears can pick up scents. They are slow-maturing dogs and are quite lazy. Basset dogs are not active because of being chubby. Their skin is loose around the head. They can live up to 10 years.

The Basset Hound has cute eyes as well, but its most distinguishing asset are those adorable ears. . Basset hound is a social animal that enjoys interaction with the housemates. It can become an excellent pet for a family. It is a populous pet because of its friendly and gentle nature. Their behavior with other dogs is also pretty friendly.

African Elephants – Not Ugly

Elephants with huge ears look so adorable. African elephants can easily be distinguished through their giant ears. The flat and broad ears not only enhance their hearing ability but also keep them cool under the direct sun rays.

Grass, fruits, and barks are their preferred diet. They also like to eat sugar-cane. Their long trunk is used to pick up the food. They have a peaceful nature and are highly social animals. Kids love to play with elephants because of their friendly nature.

The Abyssinian Cat has Cute Ears

Animals with Cute Ears - Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian cats are the breed of domestic short-haired cats. These cats have a very attractive appearance with large erect ears and bright colored eyes. These creatures are a gorgeous medium-sized cat with a slender body. They have an excellent sense of hearing because of their large ears.

Abyssinian cats are quite intelligent. They are extremely affectionate and playful. These cats can be your best house pets. They enjoy human company and like to interact with others. They need the attention of their owner. The Abyssinian cats are quite active and they love to jump in the room. The expected life span of these cats is between 12-15 years.

Havanese dogs – Fluffy Ears

Havanese dog is an active little dog. It is the national dog of Cuba and considered a toy dog. They are small in size and have an attractive appearance. Their body is long with a curled tail at the back. The fluffy ears are dropped and folded.

These dogs like to interact with other animals. They always show a good companionship. If you desire to have a loyal dog and love cute animals with big ears, then the Havanese should be your pet. This dog is excellent for being a pet. They can adapt to any environment and need strong socialism. They are energetic, playful, and very friendly.

Mule Deer – Especially Baby Mulies have Cute Ears

The Mule Deer is a calm and graceful animal. It is named Mule Deer, because of its large ears just like a mule. The large ears are the distinctive character of the animal. They can be found in Western America. Mule deer are quite graceful in appearance with brownish-grey color.

They walk with unique grace and flee with high jumps. The animal is inactive under the hot sun. They feed on a variety of plants. Mule deer are very social animals. They can be found in the groups and are gentle and friendly mammals.