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What is Cuter Than Baby Goats? – Nothing!

Finding photos of baby animals on the internet is definitely one way to relieve stress. While kittens and puppies are usually the go-to creatures for cuteness, one can’t deny the appeal of baby goats. And why not? They are small, somewhat fluffy, really cuddly, and do just as many of the ridiculous things that household pets do.  Pictures of baby goats are at the bottom!

Baby Goats Are Best Appreciated Through Video

Sometimes, photos are enough to elicit a reaction. While baby goats are most definitely photogenic, you can appreciate them much more when you actually see all the insane things they get up to.

Here’s a little exercise for you: type the words “baby goats” into Google and you’ll find A LOT of videos in the results. Sure, the image search results turn up really cute pictures but it doesn’t capture everything there is about them.

For one, how else can you appreciate the bleating of a goat from a photo? You need to hear and see it.

It’s not just the noise that make them better suited for video: they do a ton of crazy stuff too. Sure, there are hundreds of videos of dogs or cats caught in funny acts but you have to see what a baby goat is capable of.

From getting on top of cows to other objects to fellow goats and even on humans, these are antics that are best appreciated on video. It sure does look funny when captured in a photo but video just gives you more details.

Plus, goats aren’t just good at getting on top of things, animals, or people; they kick, head-butt, and can even “do” yoga. Now aren’t those better seen on video rather than pictures?

Here’s What You Need to Know About Baby Goats

It’s nice to appreciate baby goats for the cuteness and all the crazy they bring, but what do you know about them? While it’s nice that they are being appreciated, it would be better to know just a little bit about them, right?


  • They are called kids. Yes, we refer to human children as kids too but goats were called as such since the So they were called that first and it was the case for quite some time. It was only in the 1590s that kid was used as a slang to refer to a human child; informal English usage of the word to describe a human child was recorded in 1812.


  • They can get up and walk shortly after being born. This is pretty much a good reason to train a camera on them from the moment they are It’s nice to witness a human child’s first steps but that won’t happen for months; a baby goat can start walking within minutes of arriving into this world. You can also find a video on YouTube of one-day old baby goats starting to jump!


  • They usually come in pairs. The usual human birth involves one child, but goats – for the most part – are born in There are cases when only a single kid is born to a mother goat, and there are even rarer instances of three or more births.


  • They get pretty active when they are just a few weeks old. Knowing they can stand and walk a few hours after being born, it’s not hard to see why they would be jumping at just a few weeks And this jumping on things is what makes them great subjects for videos.


  • They love to snuggle. A pile of puppies sure look cute, but so is a pile of If you ever get a chance to visit a farm, try to see them when they are in such a moment. It’s truly a great sight.


  • They use their lips to learn. Puppies love sniffing stuff and licking things is the equivalent in baby


  • They are sometimes born with A wattle is that fleshy thing that dangles from a goat’s neck. It actually doesn’t do anything and is thought to be a leftover genetic trait from their evolution.


  • They come in various sizes. Since there are about 200 kinds of domestic goat, it’s natural to find kids of different sizes (and adults too). The Nigerian dwarf goat is one of the smallest breeds, weighing around 20 pounds as an Another small variety is the pygmy goat, which can weigh between 53 to 86 pounds when fully grown.

Why Baby Goats Are Awesome Creatures

If you’ve reached this point, you probably know why baby goats are the best but there are other reasons for their awesomeness:

  1. They love bouncing around. You’ve probably seen a goat on a trampoline, but that only tells one story of how bouncy they really As mentioned earlier, they start doing this at just a few weeks old and apparently, they never stop. If you ever get to visit a farm, make sure you observe the goats and see just how much they love jumping around. They will even disturb the peace, meaning they don’t care if a cow or any other animal is lounging, they will jump on that poor creature.


  1. They have a fluffy coat. Sure, it may not be dog level fluffy but it’s enough to make you squeal when you see And just like dogs, there are goats that are fluffier than others.


  1. They can be house companions. You will often find animals like goats in rural After all, grass is their staple food, right? You will also know from watching Friends that live barnyard animals aren’t allowed in the city. But recently, some cities in the U.S. have begun relaxing their laws so that people living in urban areas can keep farm animals like goats.


A study by the Queen Mary University in London also found that goats are capable of communication (there is a video of a goat trying to “communicate” on YouTube), are intelligent, and can form bonds. And with this trend of caring for more exotic pets, why not keep a goat? Just make sure that it is actually allowed in the area where you live.

You can also choose to raise a goat based on particular needs. For example, an Oberhasli (Swiss Alpine goat) is small (perfect for the urban area) and produces sweet milk. The milk from a Nigerian dwarf (also small) is a good choice if you want to make your own cheese.


  1. They are just as crazy as other usual household pets. Goats are just as equally capable of doing all the crazy stuff you expect from your dog or Even better, they will not hesitate to head-butt anyone, even a poor puppy. Owing to their history (probably), they will climb up on things no matter if it’s stationary or breathing.


  1. They candoyoga. Just do a search on YouTube or Google for baby goats doing yoga and you will see how “helpful” these creatures Yes, goat yoga became a thing. Besides, goats already love climbing on top of things, so why not throw humans into the mix? They will stand on top of humans without permission, so why not do it where that is the exact intention?


Goats are fun creatures, especially baby goats. But you also have to bear in mind that they are not your usual household pets. Yes, some cities may have relaxed their laws a little but you still have your neighbors to deal with. How are they going to feel about the bleating?

If you really want a baby goat as a companion, make sure to check the laws in the area you live in. Some do require you to notify your neighbor so it’s best if you read up about it before making a purchase. If you can’t own one, try to find the nearest farm or petting zoo. In case there’s none, you can comfort yourself in the knowledge that the internet never fails to provide.



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