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Cutest Monkey Species

cutest monkey species This clade includes small apes and large anthropoids, as well as strepsirrhine species such as lemurs . According to the current phylogenetic classification , they are grouped in the intermediate clade of Euarchontoglires with rabbits , toupees orgaléopithèques .

Cutest monkey speciess today are divided into two clades: one of strepsirrhines, which owns the lemurs , and that of haplorrhiniens , which belong tarsiiformes and simian , which include, among others, the hominid 1 , 2 which includes the be human .

The first cutest monkey speciess lived in trees in tropical forests , and they still have many adaptations to life in this environment three-dimensional. Almost all are at least still partly arboreal .

Except for the modern man, who lives in all continents , most cutest monkey speciess live in tropical or subtropical regions of America , of Africa and Asia 3 . Their weight varies from 30  g for Mrs Berthe’s Microcèbe to 200  kg for the mountain gorilla . According to fossil discoveries, the primitive ancestors of cutest monkey speciess may have appeared at the end of the Cretaceous about 66 million years ago, the oldest known cutest monkey species being Teilhardina at the end of the Paleocene , around 55 to 58 million years ago 4 . Studies ofmolecular clock suggests that cutest monkey speciess may be even older, having appeared in the middle of the Cretaceous there are about 85 million years 4 .

As cutest monkey species mammals, cutest monkey speciess have a wide range of characteristics. Some cutest monkey speciess (including some great apes and baboons) are more terrestrial than arboreal, but all species have adaptations to climb trees. Displacement techniques include tree-to-tree jumping, two- or four-limb walking, locomotion on joints, and swinging between tree limbs (known as brachiation).). Cutest monkey speciess are characterized by a large brain compared to other mammals, and an increased use of stereoscopic vision, to the detriment of smell, the dominant sensory system in most mammals. These characteristics are more developed in true monkeys and much less in lorises and lemurs . The trichromatic vision has developed in some cutest monkey speciess. Most also have thumbs opposable and some have prehensile tails . Many species exhibit sexual dimorphismwhich means that males and females differ in physical traits, such as body mass, canine size, and color. Cutest monkey speciess have a slower growth rate than other mammals of similar size and reach maturity later but have a longer life span. Depending on the species, adults can live alone, in pairs or in groups of up to hundreds of members.

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