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The World’s Cutest and Best Waitress Shoes

Waiters and waitresses serve in restaurants throughout the world, and they spend most of their time moving or standing. They are always serving the customers and clients who constantly need their attention. The nature of work is exhaustive, and it can even get painful if you do not have the best waitress shoes.

The burden of getting the right waitress shoes lies with the management as well as the waitress as an individual. Having the wrong shoe will even affect the mood of the servers. This is against the outlined work ethics where the waitress is supposed to wear a welcoming face every time she is serving a customer.

Getting the best waitress shoes requires you to work with a checklist to know which brand meets the requirements. We shall look at these factors to consider before buying good waitress shoes. However, before then, you can have a look at the comparison table showing the shoes that have passed our selection criteria and are also a preference for a majority of the waitress.

Brand Model Color Material
 Sketchers Gibson Hard Wood Variety Leather and rubber sole
Ecco Cayla Tie Flat Variety Leather and rubber sole
DanSko Pro XP Clog Variety Leather and rubber sole
Town forst Jess PU leather Variety Leather and rubber sole
Merrell Jungle Moc Pro Variety Leather and rubber sole


Factors to consider before buying the best waitress shoes

Before you make the final purchase decision, some factors can help you in making the right decision. These are the factors that will help you get the right waitress shoes. Without having a checklist, you can easily fall to all the humble marketing appeals from various waitress shoes manufacturing companies. In any case, every company expects to make a sale. Follow these factors, and you will not go wrong.

Grip: A shoe grip is how well it holds on the ground once you hit the ground or while making steps. The best waitress shoes should be impact resistant and hold well on the ground to avoid slipping. Basically, these shoes should be slip resistant.

Cushioning: Shoe cushions are the shock absorbers as you walk. As such we cannot stress enough on their importance considering a restaurant server spends most of her time standing or walking. The best waitress shoe should be properly cushioned for maximum comfort.

Comfort: This is the big daddy for all the other factors. You’ll agree with this if you have ever worn a shoe that pinches or is uncomfortable for a particular occasion. The best waitress shoes are those that do not pinch or are able to absorb shock. The shoes should also be properly ventilated.

Design: The shoe must be fashionable and trendy. This will boost the waitress confidence and even make her look forward to wearing it. It should not be a case where the waitress wears the shoe under duress.

Longevity: The shoe must give you service until you are comfortable to buy another one. In most of the cases, leather or fabrics are the best for the waitress shoes. Avoid shoes that trade aesthetic with quality. All our shoes passed this test after getting the data from prior user reviews.

Price: After the shoe of choice passes all the above qualifying features, check the price before you put it in the cart. Although, price is not an excuse to pick an inferior quality, sometimes we are unable to extend the budget further. If you get the right waitress shoes but you cannot meet the budget, you can plan to get the top up balance and come back later while fully loaded. However, if there is an option to pay in installments, you can take advantage of that.

Best waitress shoes on the market:

There are many types of shoes which are all sold under the best shoes umbrella, but once you start using them, you realize they aren’t anywhere near to offering full value for money. Out of this uncertainty, we have gone a step further and selected the best waitress shoes in the market. The options available are:

Sketchers: Gibson sneakers

Color: Black

Material: Leather with rubber soleBest Waitress Shoes

Price: Approximately $45

Specific features: Rubber toe cap front, metal eyelets, cushioned insole, soft fabric shoe lining, slip-resistant rubber sole, and shock absorbing midsole.

This Company has made a name by having shoes that are optimized for particular occasions. For the waitress and bartenders, the company has kept them going by giving them the Gibson Hardwood brand; it’s a shoe that is specifically made for comfort. The toe front cap is spacious enough for ample breathing space. The shoe is long lasting, and requires minimal maintenance.

The shoes have no arch support and are not ventilated. The best part about the arches is that you can easily buy arch support from the shoe stores that meet the shape of your foot. In any case, some people have high arches and thus buying an arch might be the better option. However, if the shoe had arch support from the manufacturer, it would be better.

Ecco: Cayla tie flat

Color: A variety of colors including black.Best Waitress Shoes

Material: Leather and rubber soles

Price: Approximately $70

Specific features: Comfortable, excellent support, flexible, durable, fashionable, and comfortable

This particular kind of shoe is designed for those women who are constantly on their feet. More so, it’s important for waitress and bartenders. They are slip resistant shoes with moisture absorbing inner lining. The arch support is excellent with a comfortable foot bed. It’s easier to break in the shoe, but it’s advisable to carry an extra pair to work on the first day.

The bottom part of the sole looks brown and dirty which might make you think you bought used shoes. They have excellent shock absorbing capabilities. These non-slip waitress shoes are designed for long time wear. Even if they become bigger after some time, you can always restore the size by putting new insoles and arch support materials. Despite their price, the shoes offer a great value for money.

DanSko: Pro XP Clog

Color: Varies with choiceBest Waitress Shoes

Material: Leather and rubber soles

Price: Approximately $100

Specific features: Slip resistant, anti-fatigue rocker bottoms, a soft footbed, arch support,

The shoes stand apart from the other models because it has a spongier footbed and thus offers the best shock absorbing capabilities as you walk. However, the same feature has made some people say that the shoe gets bigger over time. This should not be a major put off since you can add new arch support with time to cover for the increased compression as the footbed contracts.

Their wide size can accommodate slightly swollen feet because in most of the times after a long-standing session, blood flow challenges can make the feet to swell. These shoes are made to accommodate that. The soles and heels also enable a person to maintain a good posture while standing. It’s not very flat or too raised. Majority of the people feel the shoe is expensive but putting quality into consideration; it is a good value for money.

Town forst: Jess PU leather

Color: A variety of color including blackBest Waitress Shoes

Material: Leather with rubber soles

Price: Approximately $25

Specific features: No arch support, trendy, fashionable, effective for use, slippage resistant, highly flexible, durable, and lightweight.

These slip-resistant shoes are the perfect match for the female restaurant servers. They are the best waitress shoes because they are slip resistant with an enhanced grip on the bottom of the sole. The shoes are lightweight, and you don’t have to feel like you are carrying weight with your feet. Its price beats the majority of the branded best waitress shoes and still manages to give the best value for money.

They are friction resistant due to the quality of lining material used, and they are able to absorb shock effectively. They are specifically made for people serving in the hospitality industries. The foam foot bed provides comfort in the longest time possible due to its compactness.

Merrell: Jungle Moc Pro

Color: A variety of colors including blackBest Waitress Shoes

Material: leather and rubber sole

Price: Approximately $50

Specific features: Moisture wicking capabilities, lightweight, durable, rubber sole, slip resistant, arch support, roomy toe box, foam foot bed, and odor resistant.

This is the best fatigue fighting shoe as it basically comes with an air cushioning on the heels for maximum comfort. The shoe also breaks in the foot easily compared to other brands that are compact and less roomy. However, if you find any spot that’s abrasive to your foot, you can use a blow dryer to make the section more elastic and fit in the foot properly. It has a good grip on the floor and is designed for slippery grounds.

These are the best waitress shoes putting their weight and quality into consideration. It keeps the foot dry by absorbing the sweat and excess moisture. They are good looking, and these are among the best-priced waitress shoes. In any case, Merrell is a brand that has made its name in the shoe industry and is ready to fight for their position in the industry.

Get the best-priced waitress shoes:

Waitress shoes are not like any other ordinary shoe. They have to give the maximum comfort and also be slip resistant. The choice and color of the shoe to buy can depend on the dressing code prevalent at any particular restaurant. The management and the waitress have the final say on the color to wear. On top of these features, the right waitress shoe must be durable and trendy. Women and fashion cannot be separated even in the workplace. With all that information discussed above, we hope you will make a wise purchase decision and get the full value for your money.

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