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Dogs Rule, Cats Drool

Dogs Rule, Cats Drool right? Or so goes the adage. There is still an ongoing debate about which are better pets, dogs or cats? Well, as long as you are a pet lover there is no need to debate over this topic. Determining the better pet depends on the preference of the person. If they love cats then maybe, they think that cats are better pets. Nonetheless, if you are a dog lover then most probably, you think that dogs are better pets.

But for conversation sake, dogs are better pets than cats and there are facts to prove this point. Dog lovers often argue that for them, dogs are superior pets because they are loyal companions of people, thus they are dubbed as “man’s best friend”. Dogs are really wonderful companions and there are many irrefutable reasons for such claims.

Why Dogs Are Better Than CatsDogs Rule, Cats Drool

  • They can be trained easily – There is no doubt that dogs can be taught tricks easily compared to cats. This is why they catch the attention of the crowd during pet shows. They can perform various tricks that are very amusing. Dogs are also motivated to train if you give them rewards such as a snack or a pat on the head.
  • They are good protectors – Dogs have the capabilities to protect your home from bad human elements such as burglars and strangers. They have the size, strength, and aggressiveness to provide protection to people. Cats do not have these traits so they are not capable of protecting their masters. Cats are timid and they are more likely to run away when there are strangers around.
  • Dogs are willing to learn – Dogs will try to understand their owner. They will tilt their heads and get to know what you are trying to say to them, whereas cats will just ignore you and just leave you on the spot.
  • Dogs are great fitness companions – Every dog has to walk to have some exercise and this encourages dog owners to do daily walks which is Dogs Rule, Cats Droolgreat exercise. You can stroll around with your dog and walk around the neighborhood. Walking your dog is also a great stress reliever.
  • Dogs can adapt to situations better – Dogs can recognize people faster because they are great in adapting to their environment. They can also feel comfortable around people easily compared to cats where they would rather go to their spot and take a nap.
  • Dogs are passionate beings – Dogs will notice if you are feeling sad and they will try things to make you feel better. They will try to entertain you to get your mind off the things that are bothering you, whereas cats will just go on with their personal business.
  • You have many options to choose from – Dogs come in various sizes, colours, and breeds. You have lots of options to choose from depending on your personality and preference. If you want to have a strong dog, you can get a Pitbull, Bulldog, or a Rottweiler. If you want to have a low maintenance one, you can get a Chihuahua or a poodle.
  • Dogs and their owners have a special connection – The phrase “Dogs are man’s best friend” has a great significance. This is true because the bond of a dog and its owner is strong and they share a special relationship. Dogs are also very sensitive to his owner’s feelings and he will do everything to comfort you in any way possible.
  • Dogs are great to be taken anywhere – When you go for a drive, your pet dog will sit next to you. They will join you wherever you go. You can take a stroll and they will still accompany you without complaining, unlike cats where you should put them in a cage or basket if you want to take them with you.
  • Dogs are more responsible with their litter – Dogs that are trained do not need litter boxes. They can go outside and take a dump. They will also cover it with dirt afterwards if you have a lawn. Cats needed to be provided with a kitty litter box or else they will just leave a mess in your place and they will not even cover it up.
  • Dogs are cuter.  Yes cats are cute too.  But dogs have to be among the cutest thing in the world.


Dogs Can Be Trained to Help PeopleDogs Rule, Cats Drool

Have you ever seen a blind seeing cat?  Me neither.  Dogs also play an important role in society. They are used by policemen to catch bad people like robbers and thieves. Dogs are also very effective in detecting drugs, firearms, gunpowder, and contraband. Because dogs have a strong sense of smell, they also have the capabilities to locate lost things or people. They are used by crime investigators as effective partners to solve their cases.

Dogs have been helping people since the beDogs Rule, Cats Droolginning of their existence. They are also proven to be helpful for assisting persons with disabilities and guiding the blind. They are also used by people to herd sheep and cattle. They are also used by local law enforcement to ward off bad people. They are also great for guarding your property and safety.

They will growl and bark at strangers to protect the territory. Their loud bark will also alert you that there is a presence of other people. Dogs will also warn you in case of any presence of danger just like fire and earthquakes. Because of this canines are trained by professionals so that they can do more good in society. They are also given the chance to protect and serve people.

Security personnel are often accompanied by canines in public places such as malls, shopping centers, and parks to scout the area for suspicious people. The presence of canines in an establishment also gives people a sense of security and they are safe from harm. This is one of the reasons why most people prefer to have dogs as pets and work companions.

Dogs are Cooler Companions than Cats

Dog names are usually cool, unique, and funny. You can give dogs unusual names to give them a personality of their own or you can give them a name of your favorite fictional character. Basically, you can give any name to a pet dog or cat but come to think of it, naming a dog is much cooler. This is one example why dogs rule, cats drool.Dogs Rule, Cats Drool

Cats are very sensitive to their environment and they do not adapt to changes easily. When it comes to introducing new people and pets to the family, dogs can adapt more easily compared to cats. If you move to a new home, dogs can get comfortable in a day or two but cats need more time to adapt.

Most cats cannot be controlled and they just go wherever they want to go and do what they want to do. They will also jump anywhere around the house. They also have the tendency to scratch furniture which can be very gruesome most especially if you have leather seats in the house. Cats also like to scratch wood surfaces which can be costly to repair.

Cats can also provide health hazards most especially for those who have breathing problems like asthma. Cat hair grows and sheds faster compared to dogs. In just a few days, you will notice hairballs have accumulated in your home and it can cause irritations which can result to breathing problems.

Dogs Rule, Cats DroolIf you leave food on the table, most probably cats will eat or play with it. Dogs can be trained to be more obedient and they will not eat the food that is not intended for them. Teaching them is a breeze, all you need to do is give them a snack as a reward if they have followed your instructions properly. They can also determine if they are being punished. You can tap his nose lightly to tell him that you are punishing them.


Most people enjoy playing and training dogs because they can teach them various tricks. Dogs are also motivated to train with their human friends because they are given attention and importance. Although there are dogs that are aggressive, you can eventually train them to improve their behavior. They can easily be taught and trained so that they can control their aggressive nature. This is why most pet lovers want to own dogs compared to cats because of this important reason.

Dogs love to have fun and they are great playmates. Unlike cats, dogs are more playful and friendly most especially to children. You can play aroundDogs Rule, Cats Drool with them using your toys or just plainly run around while your pet is chasing you. Roll around the lawn and get dirty while laughing your heart out. Cats, on the other hand, are more reserved and tend to take naps frequently. Where’s the fun in that?

Well, there is really no debate on what is the better pet. It will still depend on your personal choice. Remember that animals have different traits and attitudes just like people. This argument is oriented towards dog lovers with the caption “Dogs Rule, Cats Drool”. Cat lovers might have a different point of view. The most important thing is that people should respect each other’s opinions. Just as long as you are a pet lover, you are on the same side.