Cat vs Rat

by Holy Cuteness on July 16, 2013

Hey, this is my milk!

“No, it’s mine!”

No, mine!

From alfyska.


Yawning Animals Compilation

by Holy Cuteness on June 23, 2013

Here’s a supercut of yawning animals. Warning: you might get sleepy…

From Tastefully Offensive.


Hamster Fail

by Holy Cuteness on May 20, 2013

See how this hamster tirelessly tries to squeeze through a paper towel tube.

Via Reddit.


Relaxing Capybaras

by Holy Cuteness on April 28, 2013

Here are some capybaras relaxing in a woody washtub filled with warm water. What a life.

From fuafuacapybara.


Porcupine Thinks He’s a Puppy

by Holy Cuteness on April 27, 2013

This porcupine totally acts like he’s a puppy. Come on, let’s play!

From CutiesNFuzzies.


Dog Mourns Death of Beaver Friend

by Holy Cuteness on April 27, 2013

Bella the dog mourns the death of her beaver friend Beavis. :’-(

From YouTube:

Bella and Beavis played ball together, shared living quarters, ate together, etc. They lived and loved together for quite a while. Beavis died this morning, and Bella has been in mourning for hours.

Hat tip to the Huffington Post.


Dogs Adopt Rescued Baby Squirrel

by Holy Cuteness on April 23, 2013

This is Apple Moonbeam a 5 week-old baby squirrel that was found freezing and alone in the woods. The person who found it is now nursing it back to health together whith dogs Maverick and Scout, who are keeping an eye on little Apple Moonbeam.

Apple Moonbeam, Scout and Maverick in action…

Via Reddit.


Elk Rescues Marmot From Drowning

by Holy Cuteness on April 20, 2013

An elk named Shooter rescued a marmot from drowning in his water trough at Pocatello Zoo in Idaho.

At first the elk appeared to be dipping his face and nose in to the trough in an unusual way. Zoo staff at Pocatello Zoo weren’t too concerned but did find the behaviour strange.

Then Shooter he tried to dunk his head in the trough and keepers wondered what was wrong. His antlers were too big to fit in the trough and he had to work out what to do next.

So Shooter started dipping his paws in, a seemingly bizarre action, but it turned out to have been part of a scheme to get a drowning marmot in to the middle of the trough so that he could get hold of it.

And here we see Shooter gently taking the dripping rodent out of the trough.

Shooter gently placed the marmot down, wet and bedraggled but happy to be out of the water.

Thanks dude!

Via Environmental Graffiti.


Happy World Hamster Day!

by Holy Cuteness on April 12, 2013

We just found out that today is World Hamster Day. Here’s a cute hamster video to celebrate….

From yamashitamasita.


Woodchuck Eats Ice Cream Cone

by Holy Cuteness on April 10, 2013

A woodchuck eats an ice cream cone on his birthday… Om nom nom nom…

From Petsami.