Petting a Bush Baby

by Holy Cuteness on March 22, 2016

A caretaker rubs his fnger on the head of a tiny bush baby…

Rescued Baby Orangutan Has Come a Long Way

by Holy Cuteness on October 5, 2015

A beautfiul video about baby orangutan Budi who was rescued by International Animal Rescue from starving in a chicken cage. So good to see he’s doing fine.

These Animals are Hungrier than You

by Holy Cuteness on August 12, 2015

These 12 animals are so very hungry…

Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Belly

by Holy Cuteness on July 28, 2015

Orangutan Rajang kisses the belly of a pregnant woman, through the glass of his enclosure, at Colchester Zoo.


Orangutan Nonja greets newborn Sophia.

Baby Gibbon Learns to Walk

by Holy Cuteness on June 12, 2015

An adorable baby gibbon takes his first steps at Dade City’s Wild Things Zoo in Florida.

Orangutan Coos Over Human Baby

by Holy Cuteness on June 9, 2015

An orangutan at a zoo wants to get a glimpse of a human baby. Such a beautiful moment.

Endangered Ring-Tailed Lemurs Born at Busch Gardens

by Holy Cuteness on May 22, 2015

Busch Gardens Tampa recently welcomed three baby endangered ring-tailed lemurs to the more than 12,000 animals that call the park home. First-time mother Canada gave birth to Squirt on March 19, and twins Schweps and Seagramms were born to Ginger on March 27.

Guests will be able to see the lively baby lemurs in the Edge of Africa area of the park in June as the animal care team continues to introduce them to their new habitat.

These births come as a result of recommendations from the Ring-tailed Lemur Species Survival Plan through the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. Ginger and Canada arrived at Busch Gardens from the Duke Lemur Center in 2013. Spike, the sire of all three babies, came to the park from the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in 2004.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, ring-tailed lemurs are the most endangered mammal group in the World due to habitat destruction, hunting and the exotic pet trade.

Baby Lemur’s Leap of Faith

by Holy Cuteness on May 19, 2015

A tiny baby lemur at the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge in Florida takes a leap of faith.

Orangutan Babysits Tiger Cubs

by Holy Cuteness on May 14, 2015

An orangutan at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina babysits a bunch of tiger cubs.

Cat and Monkey Play Together

by Holy Cuteness on April 23, 2015

Watch these two unlikely friends play together.