Penguins Attempt to Escape Danish Zoo

by Holy Cuteness on November 17, 2015

These little penguins tried to escape from their enclosure at Odense Zoo, but their tiny webbed feet gave them away…

Polar Bear Cub Tries to Get Comfy

by Holy Cuteness on November 17, 2015

This adorable polar bear cub needs some time to get comfortable…

Adorable Puppies Tackle a Slide

by Holy Cuteness on November 16, 2015

One of our socialization programs of imprinted recall is giving puppy obstacle when coming to dinner.
By giving obstacles and textures we can form a conditioned response to a recall for a lifetime.

By changing the experience each time the puppies become more conditioned to handle different stresses
better that carry on throughout the puppies adult life.

But we never knew it would be this cute.

Skateboarding Bulldog Breaks Guinness World Record

by Holy Cuteness on November 12, 2015

Otto the bulldog has broken the world record for skateboarding through the “longest human tunnel” in Peru.
He successfully navigated his way through a tunnel of 30 people in Peru’s capital, Lima, and was presented with an official certificate. Congratulations, Otto!

This Shiba’s Got Some Moves

by Holy Cuteness on November 12, 2015

Meet the dancing doge, he’s awesome and will put a smile on your face.

Via The Dancing Doge.

Italian Sailors Rescue Puppy Lost at Sea

by Holy Cuteness on November 10, 2015

An amazing rescue in the Gulf of Naples…The puppy had fallen by hydrofoil…the small dog was spotted and rescued by some sailors of the club Savoy…The puppy was brought on land where she could be reunited with her family, who had already reported her missing. Now she’s fine.

[ Thanks to YouTube commentor Gabriel for the translation ]

Baby Pug Uses a Pacifier

by Holy Cuteness on November 9, 2015

Look at this adorabe baby pug sucking on a moustache pacifier. Isn’t he adorable?

Hedgehogs Nap in Muffin Pan

by Holy Cuteness on November 8, 2015

Look at these adorable little hedgehogs napping in a muffin pan. Well okay, one of them is more into exploring and sniffing its siblings.

Kitty Loves to Hug

by Holy Cuteness on November 7, 2015

This adorable kitty cat wants to hug its owner furever.

Dachshund is Determined to Sleep With his Teddy Bear

by Holy Cuteness on November 6, 2015

Arvo the dachshund from Finland WILL NOT sleep without his beloved teddy bear…