A rare white humpback whale has been spotted off the coast of Queensland on Monday, and whale watchers are hoping it is Australia’s famous whale Migaloo. Migaloo, a name giving by Aboriginal Elders that means “white fella,” is one member of a rare group of white whales that have been spotted swimming in Australian waters.

Whales Make Friends with Tourists

by Holy Cuteness on August 6, 2015

A mother grey whale and her baby swam up to a boat with tourists and made friends with them — allowing themselves to be petted and scritched.


Beached Orca Saved by Volunteers

by Holy Cuteness on July 24, 2015

An orca that beached on rocks in Hartley Bay, British Colombia, was saved by volunteers who kept it cool for eight hours until high tide.


Guy Loses it When Whales Pop Up Next to his Boat

by Holy Cuteness on July 20, 2015

Listen to this guy’s hilarious reaction when a pod of humpback whales pops up next to his boat.


Killer Whale Tries to Eat Paddle Board

by Holy Cuteness on May 21, 2015

Yo dude, do you mind if I take a little nibble of your board?


Happy Mother’s Day!

by Holy Cuteness on May 10, 2015


Divers Almost Get Swallowed By Whales

by Holy Cuteness on July 23, 2013

These divers almost get eaten by a pair of humpback whales. Pretty amazing!

Hat tip to Clip Nation.


Best. Photobomb. Ever.

by Holy Cuteness on January 17, 2013

Yo little boy, I’m gonna nom your head!

Via MSN Now.


Beluga Whale Loves Art

by Holy Cuteness on August 20, 2012

Beluga whale Juno who lives at Connceticut’s Mystic Aquarium is very interested in the sketches of artist Scott M. Fischer.

Hat tip to Hypervocal.


Orphaned Baby Beluga at Alaska SeaLife Center

by Holy Cuteness on July 9, 2012

This thirtsy baby beluga was found all alone when he was only two days old in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Luckily he was rescued and is now being rehabilitated at the Alaska SeaLife Center.

Photo credit: Mark Thiessen / AP

Photo credit: Shedd Aquarium

Via Buzzzfeed / ZooBorns.