Unusual Animals

Red Pandas in the Snow

by Holy Cuteness on February 23, 2015

Watch these red pandas at the Cincinnati Zoo having fun on a cold snowy day.


Sea Lion Pup Hitches a Ride on Kayak

by Holy Cuteness on February 18, 2015

A young sea lion in Santa Barbara was looking for some love on Valentine’s Day.


Man Rescues Baby Fox

by Holy Cuteness on September 28, 2014

Watch how a man rescues a cute baby fox from a tin can. Too cute!

Hat tip to The Dodo.

Tired Meerkat is Tired

by Holy Cuteness on February 19, 2014

This exhausted meerkat tries very hard not to fall asleep during a meerkat meeting…

From Sportas Oneris.

Swimming With Manatees

by Holy Cuteness on January 9, 2014

From YouTube; “William Drumm and members of Waterlust capture the gentle giants of the sea, swimming and playing in Crystal Springs, Florida.”

From GoPro.

And Now, a Baby Skunk in a Onesie

by Holy Cuteness on January 4, 2014

Just a cute baby skunk in a onesie taking a nap with its stuffed animal buddy.


More photos on Imgur.

Kitten Plays With Skunk

by Holy Cuteness on December 22, 2013

A cute kitten finds a friend in a skunk named Duke…

From Animal Planet.

Curious Black-Footed Ferrets

by Holy Cuteness on December 22, 2013

From YouTube; “A keeper in our Conservation department captured this video of a couple of curious Black-footed ferrets at the Phoenix Zoo! The keeper had opened the door to their enclosure to get the ferrets ready for transport and the ferrets became very curious, although cautious, about what was going on. The hole in the middle of their enclosure leads to specially designed boxes for the ferrets to hang out and hide in, mimicking the burrows and tunnels they would use out in the wild!”

From Phoenix Zoo.

Curious Seal Has No Fear of Humans

by Holy Cuteness on December 20, 2013

From YouTube; “While layout boat hunting we had a seal get in the boat and lay right on me, it all happened fast.  All I was thinking about was the thing biting my face because he was so close. I could feel his breath on my face. I was trying to dump it back in the water!  Just didn’t work.  It was scary, cool and exciting all at the same time!  That area of the Cape is known for sharks, maybe there was something in the water!  Hope everyone enjoys the video!”

From Ocean State Outfitters.

Playing Dog and Fox

by Holy Cuteness on December 10, 2013

Tinni the dog and Sniffer the fox are best friends and love to play and run around together.

Via Buzzfeed.