Gosling Can’t Stay Awake

by Holy Cuteness on September 25, 2016

This adorable gosling keeps falling asleep…

Sleepy Pug Wants to Snuggle

by Holy Cuteness on June 5, 2016

Poor pug just wants to sleep and snuggle up to his human…

Live with it.

Via IndigoSalma.

Baby Elephant Doesn’t Want to Wake Up

by Holy Cuteness on May 31, 2016

Noooo, please just let me sleep, I’m so tired!

Prague Zoo’s adorable little elephant male, yet to be named, now spends most of the day in outdoor areas running and frolicking around.

After a day’s “work” sometimes he sleeps so soundly his mother can’t wake him up- but the keepers are always there to help.

German Shepherd in Dreamland

by Holy Cuteness on May 28, 2016

Watch this German shepherd wake up from a very deep sleep…

Puppy Struggles to Stay Awake

by Holy Cuteness on March 19, 2016

This adorable little puppy just can’t fight his exhaustion…

Kitten Falls Asleep Looking Up

by Holy Cuteness on March 5, 2016

Tenchi the kitten keeps falling asleep while looking at his human.

Hamster Bedtime Routine

by Holy Cuteness on February 7, 2016

Hamsweet dreams, my little pampsters! Princess Bunapi loves cuddling her hamsteddy-bear to sleep while Princess Enoki will only turn in if she gets her mandatory bedtime hamsterubs! T_T

Fox Naps On Car

by Holy Cuteness on January 29, 2016

Just a fox taking a nap on the hood of a car…

Via Reddit.

Dog Naps With Stuffed Animal Twin

by Holy Cuteness on January 11, 2016

This adorable Shiba Inu passed out in the same position as his stuffed animal friend.

Sleepy Puppy Naps Under Mom’s Ear

by Holy Cuteness on January 4, 2016

A sleepy puppy decided it was a good idea to take a nap under his mom’s floppy ear…