Foster Kitten Gets Massage

by Holy Cuteness on August 21, 2015

Mutsu gets his first massage from his foster mom Sharon. Mutsu, his siblings Jupiter, Saturn, Elstar, Fuji & Ambrose and their mum Kami were rescue by VOKRA, The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, from a machine shop when the kittens were just 2 days old.

Lucky Deer Saved by Fishermen

by Holy Cuteness on August 16, 2015

While out fishing, these three fishermen noticed a fawn out in the middle of the lake. They rescued the baby deer and took it back to shore. Great job, guys!

Puppy Saved From Being Euthanized

by Holy Cuteness on August 7, 2015

Krusty Kristy was homeless, covered in mange, and scheduled to be euthanized. Luckily she was rescued by Vet Ranch and COMPLETELY healed.

Kitten’s First Dinner

by Holy Cuteness on August 1, 2015

This adorable rescue kitten just had his first solid food meal. 🐱

Via Reddit.

Senior Homeless Dog Saved from Life on the Streets

by Holy Cuteness on July 30, 2015

Watch how the brilliant guys and girls of Hope for Paws, rescue an old and injured homeless senior dog from the streets.

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Rescued Otter Pup on Exploration

by Holy Cuteness on July 28, 2015

This adorable rescued otter pup at Oregon Zoo just woke up from a nap and is ready to explore.

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Orphaned Baby Skunk Found Home with a Farmer

by Holy Cuteness on July 26, 2015

I geek out as I get to meet and hold Sweet William, who Farmer Bob will release very soon, as the little guy is getting way too big for his pocket. This baby skunk was found sick and orphaned on the side of the road, and Farmer Bob rescued it and nursed it back to health. For the first 2 weeks of its life, it slept in Farmer Bob’s pocket, and followed him around on the farm.

Beached Orca Saved by Volunteers

by Holy Cuteness on July 24, 2015

An orca that beached on rocks in Hartley Bay, British Colombia, was saved by volunteers who kept it cool for eight hours until high tide.

Iker, the goat, has made a good friend, Cody, the cat. Since they met he tries not to separate from him. He lies beside him, and gives him so many kisses Iker eventually shouts for us to take him away. Here you can see Iker letting Cody love him and Cody loving him to the bones. Perhaps aware of his state of health. He arrived very bad, with fever, dehydration, pain and what’s worst, he barely wants to eat. We are doing everything possible to get him ahead. Please send much strength!

Dog and Man Help Stranded Baby Dolphin to Safety

by Holy Cuteness on July 10, 2015

A man and his dog in Wales found this poor baby dolphin stranded on the beach. Luckily the man only had to give the dolphin a little nudge to get him back into the ocean.