Orphaned Tree Kangaroo Saved at Adelaide Zoo

by Holy Cuteness on July 3, 2015

Meet Makaia, he’s one very special Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo. When he was only five weeks old, he lost his mum. He needed a nice warm pouch to grow big and strong in, so Adelaide Zoo tried something that had never been done before… a Yellow-foot Rock-wallaby was found to be his surrogate mum. Up until now this special breeding technique, known as ‘cross-fostering’, has only been done with closely related wallaby species.

Man Rescues Ducklings from Storm Drain

by Holy Cuteness on June 30, 2015

A man from Doncaster, England, saves 10 baby ducks from a storm drain, after hearing the mother duck frantically quack for her ducklings.

H/T: Daily Picks and Flicks

Guy Takes Baby Duck for a Walk

by Holy Cuteness on June 18, 2015

A guy takes a 4-week-old duckling for a walk. The duck, named Vegeta, was rescued after his mother died.

Rescued Bear Can’t Reach Leaves

by Holy Cuteness on June 13, 2015

This moon bear is trying to get some tasty leaves, but just can’t reach them. So frustrating!

Rescuer Wins Heart of Homeless Dog

by Holy Cuteness on June 10, 2015

In this video Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws manages to win the trust of Oakley, a terrified homeless dog, before rescuing her from a hard life on the streets in a late night rescue mission.

To adopt Oakley, contact the Maltese Rescue California.

Rescued Lamb Relaxes in Hammock

by Holy Cuteness on June 6, 2015

Pichu lamb was rescued at just 2 days old after his mother died during birth. The farmer didn’t want to spend the time and effort hand rearing him so decided to slaughter him instead. Thankfully a relative was visiting the farm that very weekend and when she saw his sweet little face she knew she had to try and help. She took him home with her and then rang us here at the sanctuary. He is one of the loveliest little angels in the world!

Firefighters Save Puppies with Tiny Oxygen Masks

by Holy Cuteness on May 21, 2015

Six dogs, including two small puppies were rescued from a house fire in Palm Coast, Florida. A father and his 5 year old daughter were hospitalized for smoke inhalation, according to Flagler Live.

The dogs were rescued when Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy Steve Williams noticed the animals in the home.

The fire broke out in the garage of a suburban home Tuesday morning. The house quickly filled with smoke, and Flagler County firefighters rushed to the rescue.

Firefighter David Lawrence knelt on the ground, carefully holding tiny oxygen masks up to the puppies’ little snouts.


A neighbour posted an update on Facebook:

After lots and lots of oxygen, a great group of doctors from Flagler Animal Hospital and some xrays. They are now nursing off momma and will recover with rest. Can not Thank firefighter, David Lawrence from Flagler County Fire Rescue enough. He went above and beyond for the puppies. All 6 dogs where able to stay together and are safe and sound.


Baby Bunny Noms Milk

by Holy Cuteness on May 17, 2015

A rescued wild cottontail baby bunny wiggles its front legs excitedly while nomming milk.

Firefighter Code Knecht uses a duck ringtone to rescue six ducklings from a storm drain in Louisiana. All ducklings were eventually reunited with their mother in the canal behind a home, where people reported seeing the babies go into the drain.

Tigers Swim for the First Time

by Holy Cuteness on April 28, 2015

Rescue tigers Carli and Lily from Safe Haven Rescue Zoo in Nevada experience for the first time what it’s like to swim.