Cat and Baby Deer Are BFF’s

by Holy Cuteness on May 26, 2016

Our Rescued Baby Deer met the neighbors kitten and seem to like him. So cute!

Pretzel and her two siblings were born and immediately dumped at a local LA shelter. Upon seeing them, it was it was apparent one of the reasons why. They were born with serious genetic abnormalities that made just living a challenge. On the outside, their arms and legs were twisted awkwardly in making walking, in the future, impossible.

The problems on the inside were not immediately discernible until the first night when one of the kittens died. Within months, Curly Sue also died of a massive heart attack.

Pretzel was the lone survivor. Her will to live was strong. Her personality was no different than any other cat. She didn’t care that her legs were useless and she had to crawl to reach laps. What mattered was that she got there.

Today, Pretzel is living in the perfect home with a perfect Mom. Pretzel is Michelle’s first cat, but she loves Pretzel so unconditionally that she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dog Convinces Human to Save a Hummingbird

by Holy Cuteness on May 9, 2016

A man in Whittier has gone the distance for a tiny hummingbird his once-feral dog helped rescue. Kristine Lazar reports.

Hippos Help Lost Duckling Get Out of Pond

by Holy Cuteness on May 8, 2016

Two friendly hippos help a duckling out of a pond in the Blijdorp Zoo, the Netherlands.

Killer Wales Rescued After Getting Trapped by Sea Ice

by Holy Cuteness on April 29, 2016

Four killer whales had to be rescued after getting trapped in sea ice off the coast of eastern Russia.

Bear Jumps for Joy After Being Rescued From Cage

by Holy Cuteness on April 25, 2016

Tuffy the bear jumps for joy in his first days outside after being freed from a bear bile farm where he’d spent years of torture in a tiny cage.

Kittens Get Rescued From Water Pipe

by Holy Cuteness on April 23, 2016

Watch how four tiny kittens get rescued after they got trapped in a water pipe in Araras, Brazil. Great job guys!

Baby Wombat Runs Towards Camera

by Holy Cuteness on April 6, 2016

He’s so adorable!

Derrick the baby wombat was rescued after his mother was sadly killed by a passing car. He was named after the man who found him and is now being looked after by a local woman in Tasmania, who uses the appropriate title of “the Wombat Lady of Flinders Island.” This video shows Derrick running happily on the beach while being filmed by photographer Sean Scott.

Baby Elephant Greets Favorite Person

by Holy Cuteness on March 10, 2016

Baby elephant Kham Laa, who lives at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, runs like a puppy to greet her favorite person.

Mama Dog Reunites With Her Puppies

by Holy Cuteness on March 10, 2016

A mama dog gets reunited with her puppies at the Marin Humane Society.

Two frightened dogs were surrendered to us. Upon examining the female, we learned she recently had puppies. After some detective work and a lot of convincing, our team was able to get the person who surrendered the dogs to also surrender the puppies, as they still needed their momma and were not in a safe situation.

We captured the moment when sad and scared mom got to see her puppies again. Tears of joy all around at this happy reunion.