Mama Dog Reunites With Her Puppies

by Holy Cuteness on March 10, 2016

A mama dog gets reunited with her puppies at the Marin Humane Society.


Two frightened dogs were surrendered to us. Upon examining the female, we learned she recently had puppies. After some detective work and a lot of convincing, our team was able to get the person who surrendered the dogs to also surrender the puppies, as they still needed their momma and were not in a safe situation.

We captured the moment when sad and scared mom got to see her puppies again. Tears of joy all around at this happy reunion.

All Zipped Up and Ready to Go

by Holy Cuteness on March 7, 2016

Let’s go mommy…

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Via Reddit.

Pug Puppies in a Bucket

by Holy Cuteness on March 4, 2016

Puggy and Pooky watch and lick their puppies who are chilling in a bucket.


Man Plays With Tiny Puppy

by Holy Cuteness on February 8, 2016

Watch how this man plays whith a tiny shih tzu puppy. Aren’t they adorable together?


Puppy and Bull Become Friends

by Holy Cuteness on January 28, 2016

Dachshund puppy Lana makes friends with a young bull.


Excited Puppy Falls in Hole

by Holy Cuteness on January 25, 2016

This little puppy is so excited to get outside, that he forgets to look where he’s going. Poor thing.


Bulldog Whines For Attention

by Holy Cuteness on January 10, 2016

This adorable bulldog is desperate for some attention…


Cat’s Out Of The Bag!

by Holy Cuteness on January 9, 2016

Hmmm, I wonder what’s in that b.. Yikes…!


Abandoned Puppy Born Without Front Legs, Finds New Home

by Holy Cuteness on January 4, 2016


A puppy born without functional front legs has a new home and new way to get around after being abandoned in a soggy cardboard box on the streets of San Francisco.

Sleepy Puppy Naps Under Mom’s Ear

by Holy Cuteness on January 4, 2016

A sleepy puppy decided it was a good idea to take a nap under his mom’s floppy ear…