Wanna Pet My Belly?

by Holy Cuteness on November 4, 2014

Awww, of course we wanna pet your belly!


Via Imgur.

Bulldog Puppy Tries to Howl

by Holy Cuteness on October 12, 2014

See how this adorable wrinkly bulldog puppy tries to howl like a wolf. Keep trying little cutie, practice makes perfect!


Puppy Conquers Steps

by Holy Cuteness on October 9, 2014

Watch how cocker spaniel Red is overcoming his fear and climbs down two steps…


Puppy With a Bow Tie

by Holy Cuteness on October 2, 2014

Say hello to Willesden the Pug puppy. Doesn’t he look smart?

Smart and cute...

Submitted by the proud father of photographer Meg Hartley.

Puppy Rolls Down a Hill

by Holy Cuteness on March 19, 2014

From YouTube; “Sophie stunned us with her fantastic rolling abilities one day and continued to do this for a few months in different areas of my yard. Usually she just throws herself onto her back and rolls around but the first few times she did it she happened to be on a sloping hill. She did this within a few days of us getting her, she was 2 months old. The video is from the very first time she did it. She is now 6 months old (March 2014) and still does it on occasion.”

From Kathryn Miller.

Puppy Imitates Siren

by Holy Cuteness on January 7, 2014

A puppy tries to imitate a siren. So cute!

From yamato suzuki.

And Now, a Dog With a Moustache

by Holy Cuteness on January 6, 2014

Doesn’t this puppy look dapper with his beautiful moustache?

Via Imgur.

Kids Present Puppy ‘Lion King Style’ to Parents

by Holy Cuteness on December 27, 2013

These funny siblings had a very special Christmas gift for their parents, so they decided to present it in a very special way…

Via Reddit.

Frenchie Wants to Play

by Holy Cuteness on December 27, 2013

This French bulldog puppy is looking for someone to play rugby with. Any volunteers?

Via Daily Frenchie.

Merry Christmas!

by Holy Cuteness on December 25, 2013

Hope you all have an awesome Christmas, just like these puppies.

From devinsupertramp.