Blind Penguin Learns to Swim

by Holy Cuteness on February 27, 2016

Blindy is a little penguin that was born with a malformed head and beak. Blindy, who’s about 12 weeks old, has also been unable to see since birth. Blindy’s chances in the world would have been slim had it not been for the help of yes, the Helps family.

Baby Penguin Doesn’t Want to Leave Pouch

by Holy Cuteness on December 30, 2015

We know it snow chick, growing up ain’t easy, but you really are too big for your dad’s pouch now…

Penguins Attempt to Escape Danish Zoo

by Holy Cuteness on November 17, 2015

These little penguins tried to escape from their enclosure at Odense Zoo, but their tiny webbed feet gave them away…

Penguin Chicks Hand-Reared at ZSL London Zoo

by Holy Cuteness on July 24, 2015

Adrian Walls, who is Head of Birds at ZSL London Zoo, is raising these two adorable little Humboldt penguin chicks by hand. What a lucky dude.

[ *Note for UK Peeps: A TV Show with Walls called ‘Meet the Penguins’ will be broadcast on ITV1 at 7pm on July 26th ]

Penguin is Afraid of Water

by Holy Cuteness on July 24, 2015

Charlotte the penguin refused to get into the penguin pool with the rest of her colony and did everything to avoid the water. But after some one-on-one swimming lessons, she now loves to get into the pool.

Baby Rockhopper Penguin at Shedd Aquarium

by Holy Cuteness on June 28, 2015

Shedd’s newest rockhopper penguin chick (Eudyptes chrysocome)– known as #23 – gets a routine feeding and check-up by animal care staff. The chick is being hand fed to supplement feedings from its parents – a male named Edward and female named Annie – who are steadily beginning to feed the chick on their own. Hatched June 9, the chick’s gender will be determined in about a year during a check-up by Shedd’s veterinary staff, and is expected to be fully grown in about two to three months.

SeaWorld Orlando’s Antarctica Welcomes First Penguin Chick

by Holy Cuteness on December 18, 2013

On November 30, SeaWorld Orlando welcomed the first chick to hatch at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, the all-new attraction featuring a colony of more than 250 penguins from four species – king, Adelie, gentoo and rockhopper.

The nearly two-week-old king chick is now weighing in at 30 ounces (882 grams) and currently being raised by its parents with routine check-ups from the SeaWorld Orlando Aviculture Team who monitor the chick’s weight and overall development. Although small now, it will grow to be more than 24 pounds (11 kilograms) and over 2.5 feet tall. This chick is one of two king chicks that have hatched within the last two weeks with more expected within the coming weeks.

Caring for the king chick is a full-time job shared by mom and dad, and it starts before the penguin even hatches. Since king penguins don’t build nests, the female lays one egg and both parents share incubation duties by placing the egg on their feet. This is also how they carry the chick once it hatches. Guests may get a rare glimpse of the king chick during feedings.

Penguins Chase Butterfly

by Holy Cuteness on November 27, 2013

Check out how these funny penguins hop after a butterfly at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Kyoto, Japan.

Hat tip to Laughing Squid.


Romantic Penguin Couple

by Holy Cuteness on November 11, 2013

Photographer Marius Ilies writes; “I took this picture at Port Lockroy during my trip to Antartica in 2010. The two penguins almost touching flippers, looking at each other, and captured against the majestic frozen background, seemed romantically involved.”

Photo by Marius Ilies, submitted to National Geographic’s Your Shot.


Animal Facts That You Can’t Un-Know

by Holy Cuteness on August 8, 2013

Here are some interesting animal facts that you have to know…

From BuzzFeedVideo.