Koala Steals Milk

by Holy Cuteness on May 19, 2015

Sorry, but I’m really thirsty and I’ve run out of money.

Curious Little Quokka

by Holy Cuteness on May 1, 2015

When a couple of bike riders on Rottnest Island, Western Australia, took a break, this curious little quokka hopped out of the bushes to smell them.

Baby Wallabies Meet for the First Time

by Holy Cuteness on December 1, 2014

Orphaned wallaby joeys, Gough and Salvador, from the Daintree Wonder Tours, meet for the first time — and it’s marvelous.

Naughty Sugar Glider is Naughty

by Holy Cuteness on December 9, 2013

Just a naughty sugar glider chilling in a pocket and sticking out his tongue.

Via Reddit.

A Day in the Life of a Sugar Glider

by Holy Cuteness on November 27, 2013

Meet Zelda the sugar glider…


Wombat Uses Cat Door

by Holy Cuteness on October 24, 2013

Ruby the adopted pet wombat uses the cat door to get into the house from her secure yard.

From Matt Hill.


Wombat Wants to Play

by Holy Cuteness on August 23, 2013

This wombat desperately wants to play…

From 1991Nataliedavey.


Yawning Animals Compilation

by Holy Cuteness on June 23, 2013

Here’s a supercut of yawning animals. Warning: you might get sleepy…

From Tastefully Offensive.


Koala Walks Into House

by Holy Cuteness on June 23, 2013

Just a curious koala walking into a house and making itself at home…

Hat tip to the Huffington Post.


Thirsty Koala in Adelaide

by Holy Cuteness on June 14, 2013

From YouTube; “This fluffy young koala popped his head over our fence in search for water. It has been very dry here in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia and so are the Gum Trees. We find many koalas get creative in search for water in dry Summers and this little one is no exception!”

“Can our furry Koala fried get any cuter? It is as if he is thanking him for the water…”

“Our arms were very tired from holding a bowl for this thirsty koala so Chris decides to rig together a solution. The outcome – a very hydrated koala.”

Via Reddit.