Adorable Koala Fight

by Holy Cuteness on December 21, 2015

These two koalas are having the cutest lover’s quarrel ever….

Baby Koala Wants to Cuddle

by Holy Cuteness on October 19, 2015

A tiny baby koala at Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia, climbs up the leg of a cameraman and gives him cuddles. Adorbs!

Dreaming Wombat Will Make You Sleepy

by Holy Cuteness on September 30, 2015

This precious wombat is far, far away…. in dreamland.

Meet Patrick, the World’s Oldest and Biggest Wombat

by Holy Cuteness on August 9, 2015

This chunky fella is Patrick, with 30 years old he’s the oldest (and also the biggest) wombat in captivity. He was hand-raised after being orphaned as a baby, and has lived nearly his entire life at the Ballarat Wildlife Park.

[ Of course Patrick has his own FB page ]

Baby Koala Gets a Check Up

by Holy Cuteness on July 17, 2015

Watch this sweet koala joey getting a check up at San Diego Zoo.

Kissing Koalas at Taronga Zoo

by Holy Cuteness on July 9, 2015

Two koalas share a kiss at Tarango Zoo. ♥

Via Reddit.

Orphaned Tree Kangaroo Saved at Adelaide Zoo

by Holy Cuteness on July 3, 2015

Meet Makaia, he’s one very special Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo. When he was only five weeks old, he lost his mum. He needed a nice warm pouch to grow big and strong in, so Adelaide Zoo tried something that had never been done before… a Yellow-foot Rock-wallaby was found to be his surrogate mum. Up until now this special breeding technique, known as ‘cross-fostering’, has only been done with closely related wallaby species.

Baby Koala Sees Mom for the First Time

by Holy Cuteness on June 9, 2015

A koala joey at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Helensburg, New South Wales, Australia, sees its mom for the first time…

Koala Steals Milk

by Holy Cuteness on May 19, 2015

Sorry, but I’m really thirsty and I’ve run out of money.

Curious Little Quokka

by Holy Cuteness on May 1, 2015

When a couple of bike riders on Rottnest Island, Western Australia, took a break, this curious little quokka hopped out of the bushes to smell them.