Interspecies Mingeling

Pitbull Becomes a Baby Turkey Playground

by Holy Cuteness on July 1, 2015

Our pitbull is obsessed with baby fowl.

Also, at around 57 seconds, you can see her head straighten out with the quickness as soon as she feels a baby hop on board. Almost like she was at the doctors office getting a rectal exam lol……pretty funny

Goslings vs Cat

by Holy Cuteness on July 1, 2015

Just some fluffy goslings annoying a very patient cat…

Dog Watches Over Ducklings

by Holy Cuteness on June 21, 2015

Dug the dog watches over 200 fuzzy ducklings like they’re his own…

Dog Chills With Baby Chicks

by Holy Cuteness on June 15, 2015

Reddit user basa1 writes; “Girlfriend works at a vet hospital, and this is their “guard dog” :P.”

Foster Kitten Thinks Rabbit is his Mom

by Holy Cuteness on June 13, 2015

Reddit user jadeycakes uploaded these adorable photos of her tiny foster kitten cuddling with her rabbit Alice. “One of my foster kittens has decided that my rabbit is his mother,” she wrote.

Via Reddit

Kitten Grows Up With Dog Friend

by Holy Cuteness on June 12, 2015

A montage of clips of our rescued ginger kitten, Koda, growing up with our family’s Golden Retriever, Keelo. They were instant friends when we first brought Koda home (who was only about a month old at the time, and could fit perfectly in my hand!). 8 months have passed since then and they still continue to be as close as ever. Their bond is incredible and something I’ve never seen between a large dog and a tiny cat before!

Cat Wants Bottle Feeding with Goat

by Holy Cuteness on June 6, 2015

This funny farm cat loves to have some of the goat milk with the goat and sheep.

Pit Bull Fosters Orphan Kittens

by Holy Cuteness on June 1, 2015

Bella the three-legged pit bull helps to foster little kittens that are waitig for adoption.

Baby Goat Climbs Sleeping Dog

by Holy Cuteness on May 26, 2015

A newborn Nigerian dwarfgoat tries to climb a sleeping dog.

Puppy Tries to Reclaim Bed From Cat

by Holy Cuteness on May 25, 2015

French bulldog puppy Pixel desperately tries to get his stolen bed back.