Baby Lambs Run For Breakfast

by Holy Cuteness on May 29, 2016

These hungry little lambs can’t wait to drink from their milk bottles…


Cat and Baby Deer Are BFF’s

by Holy Cuteness on May 26, 2016


Our Rescued Baby Deer met the neighbors kitten and seem to like him. So cute!

Hog Hunting Done Wrong!

by Holy Cuteness on May 12, 2016

Just a dog and a mini pig roughhousing with each other…


Hippos Help Lost Duckling Get Out of Pond

by Holy Cuteness on May 8, 2016

Two friendly hippos help a duckling out of a pond in the Blijdorp Zoo, the Netherlands.


Baby Donkey Thinks It’s a Lapdog

by Holy Cuteness on April 25, 2016

This adorable baby donkey wants to cuddle like it’s a little puppy.


Newborn Goats in Tiny Sweaters

by Holy Cuteness on April 19, 2016

Three adorable baby goats at Sunflower Farms are wearing sweaters on their first adventure outside with mom.


Kittens Attack Pony

by Holy Cuteness on April 18, 2016

Just a bunch of kittens attacking a pony while a smug capybara looks on…


How Giraffes Sleep

by Holy Cuteness on April 6, 2016

Yep, this is how giraffes sleep. Doesn’t look very comfy, right? Luckily they only sleep for about five minutes a time.


Flickr: Tambako The Jaguar


Flickr: Shirley Crane

Flickr: Marc

Flickr: butylman


Lambs in Sweaters Going to the Vet

by Holy Cuteness on March 28, 2016

These babies went to the vet for a health check.

Via Joy the Sheep.

Puppy, Tortoise, and Mini-Pony Hang Out together

by Holy Cuteness on March 22, 2016

Anyone else wants to join this squad?