Shark Loves to Hug

by Holy Cuteness on May 11, 2016

Blondie the lemon shark loves to interact with divers. Here she even gives one of them a hug.

H/T: Daily Picks and Flicks

Yes, it’s real!

This stunningly beautiful jellyfish was seen during Dive 4 of the 2016 Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas expedition on April 24, 2016, while exploring the informally named “Enigma Seamount” at a depth of ~3,700 meters.

Leopard Shark Loves Belly Rubs

by Holy Cuteness on May 21, 2015

Who knew sharks loved belly rubs? This leopard shark at the Aquarium Des Lagons in New Caledonia sure does!

Fish Loves Petting

by Holy Cuteness on April 10, 2015

Man pets a fish, the fish seems to love it.

Crippled Goldfish Gets a Homemade Life Jacket

by Holy Cuteness on April 23, 2013

Einstein the goldfish has a bladder disease that doesn’t allow him to swim. But his owner was able to make him a life jacket out of recycled tubing that allows him to swim.

Via Buzzfeed.


And Now, a Smiling Fish

by Holy Cuteness on March 18, 2013

This smiling tropical fish is wishing you a happy Monday!

Photo by Mitry Marchenko.


Disabled Fish Gets a ‘Wheelchair’

by Holy Cuteness on February 5, 2013

Watch this disabled goldfish swim around in her sling. According to the owner the fish has trouble maintaining buoyancy on her own. Without the sling she would be laying at the bottom of the tank all day.

Hat tip to Geekologie.


And Now, a Smiling Stingray

by Holy Cuteness on October 8, 2012

To get you through the Monday.

Via Buzzfeed’s 16 Incredibly Happy Stingrays


This Just In: Surprised Zebrafish Larvae

by Holy Cuteness on October 2, 2012

OMG, what are you doing here?

Photo credit: J├╝rgen Berger / Mahendra Sonawan

Via Der Spiegel.


Stingray Does a Photobomb

by Holy Cuteness on September 28, 2012

Hello ladies!

Via Reddit.