Farm Animals

Chihuahua Puppy Thinks She’s a Goat

by Holy Cuteness on August 10, 2015

This iny tiny chihuahua puppy at the Sunflower Farm Creamery thinks she’s one of the baby goats. So sweet!

Ridiculously Cute Pet Sneezes

by Holy Cuteness on August 3, 2015

Check out these 15 ridiculously cute pet sneezes. Achoo!

Chihuahua and Pig Take a Nap Together

by Holy Cuteness on July 31, 2015

Just a chihuahua taking a nap on top of a napping pig. How lovely. đź’•

Via Reddit.

Baby Goats Climb on Mom

by Holy Cuteness on July 30, 2015

Here are the baby goats of the Sunflower Farm Creamery again. This time they are using their mom as a mountain.

Baby Cow Wants Cuddles

by Holy Cuteness on July 30, 2015

A beautiful baby cow gets into a house looking for cuddles!

Baby Goats Meet Barn Cat

by Holy Cuteness on July 28, 2015

Lady Bug and Princess Leia of the Sunflower Farm Creamery meet Moo the barn cat — who seems totally disinterested.

Chicken Who Couldn’t Become a Mom Adopts Duckling

by Holy Cuteness on July 26, 2015

The girlfriend of Redditor Entershikari, found this little duckling on the parking lot of the duckling production factory, where she works for the summer.

She took the little fluffball home and introduced it to one of the chickens from her family, who live in the French countryside. The chicken had never been able to have chicks of her own and was nurturing rotten eggs for months.

They were a bit confused in the beginning, but after a while the duckling was snuggling up under the wing of the chicken.

The chicken now fully recognizes the duckling as her own and the duckling follows her everywhere. When the family tries to approach the duckling the chicken puffs her feathers and pecks the ones who dare come near the duckling, but they can still pet her back.

Via Reddit.

Joyful Lambs Leap Between Hay Bales

by Holy Cuteness on July 12, 2015

A trio of young sheep leap from hay bale to hay bale at a farm in Wexford, Ireland. Maybe they were playing ‘the ground is lava’?

Baby Goat Wants to Play with Mom

by Holy Cuteness on July 12, 2015

A baby goat tries to get his mother to play with him by jumping on her head, but she doesn’t seem very interested…

Iker, the goat, has made a good friend, Cody, the cat. Since they met he tries not to separate from him. He lies beside him, and gives him so many kisses Iker eventually shouts for us to take him away. Here you can see Iker letting Cody love him and Cody loving him to the bones. Perhaps aware of his state of health. He arrived very bad, with fever, dehydration, pain and what’s worst, he barely wants to eat. We are doing everything possible to get him ahead. Please send much strength!