Farm Animals

Baby Goats Chase Man

by Holy Cuteness on July 3, 2015

Just some adorable baby goats running after their human.

Tiny Prancing Piglet

by Holy Cuteness on June 18, 2015

If this doesn’t make you happy, nothing will.

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Baby Goats in Pajamas

by Holy Cuteness on June 16, 2015

Just some freaking cute baby goats hopping around in pajamas.

Dog Chills With Baby Chicks

by Holy Cuteness on June 15, 2015

Reddit user basa1 writes; “Girlfriend works at a vet hospital, and this is their “guard dog” :P.”

Baby Goat Hops Down the Hall

by Holy Cuteness on June 15, 2015

Nigerian dwarf goat Buckminster excitedly hops down the hall.

Mini Pig Enjoys Ice Cream

by Holy Cuteness on June 12, 2015

Pickle the mini pig enjoys a cone of ice cream for the first time. Om nom nom nom.

Baby Goats Play on Trampoline

by Holy Cuteness on June 8, 2015

Just some Nigerian dwarf goats having fun on a trampoline.

Rescued Lamb Relaxes in Hammock

by Holy Cuteness on June 6, 2015

Pichu lamb was rescued at just 2 days old after his mother died during birth. The farmer didn’t want to spend the time and effort hand rearing him so decided to slaughter him instead. Thankfully a relative was visiting the farm that very weekend and when she saw his sweet little face she knew she had to try and help. She took him home with her and then rang us here at the sanctuary. He is one of the loveliest little angels in the world!

Cat Wants Bottle Feeding with Goat

by Holy Cuteness on June 6, 2015

This funny farm cat loves to have some of the goat milk with the goat and sheep.

Baby Goats in Tiny Sweaters

by Holy Cuteness on May 30, 2015

These newborn goat triplets are staying warm and cozy in their tiny sweaters. Too freaking cute!