Baby Elephant ‘Rescues’ Man in a River

by Holy Cuteness on October 22, 2016

A baby elephant rescues a man who pretends to drown in a river in Thailand.


This video show the bond between Darrick and elephant Kham Lha at Elephant Nature Park when she think Darrick in trouble, so she rushed to the river and try to save him. This is can show us that, when we treat animal with love, they always paid love back to us.

Baby Elephant Doesn’t Want to Wake Up

by Holy Cuteness on May 31, 2016

Noooo, please just let me sleep, I’m so tired!


Prague Zoo’s adorable little elephant male, yet to be named, now spends most of the day in outdoor areas running and frolicking around.

After a day’s “work” sometimes he sleeps so soundly his mother can’t wake him up- but the keepers are always there to help.

Baby Elephant Struggles With Trunk

by Holy Cuteness on March 27, 2016

A cute baby elephant doesn’t know what to do with that long thing on his face…


Baby Elephant Greets Favorite Person

by Holy Cuteness on March 10, 2016

Baby elephant Kham Laa, who lives at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, runs like a puppy to greet her favorite person.


Baby Elephant Whirlpool

by Holy Cuteness on February 29, 2016

This cute baby elephant creates its own whirlpool by walking around in circles in the bath.


Baby Elephant Follows Rescuer Everywhere

by Holy Cuteness on February 16, 2016

Moyo loves his carer and her beautiful home…


Little Elephant Wants Attention

by Holy Cuteness on January 27, 2016

A sweet baby elephant is trying to get its mother’s attention…



Everyone loves a canine companion, and this baby elephant is no exception! The tiny pachyderm arrived at the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa after being rejected by his herd. Critically ill, the youngster had very little chance of survival. But thanks to round-the-clock care from sanctuary staff, and a bit of help from a special canine companion, the baby elephant is on the road to a full recovery.

Baby Elephant Confused By Its Trunk

by Holy Cuteness on January 12, 2016

One week old baby elephant Chai Lai who lives at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is trying to work out how to use her trunk.


Baby Elephant Doesn’t Want to Finish Bath Time

by Holy Cuteness on December 14, 2015

An adorable baby elephant at The Hide Safari Camp in Hwange, Zimbabwe, tries very hard to stay in the water…