Dog Meets Baby Bunny

by Holy Cuteness on March 7, 2016

A yellow lab makes friends with a wild baby bunny…


Paralyzed Bunny Gets a Wheelchair

by Holy Cuteness on February 27, 2016

Baby bunny Wheelz scoots around on his homemade wheelchair.


This is the video that started it all – Im sure most of you have seen it, it is really all over the place. Wheelz legs didn’t freeze – he was bit by an adult bunny and we found him nearly frozen out of his nest box.

Pet Bunny vs Wild Rabbit

by Holy Cuteness on January 6, 2016


Unusually warm day so I had the sliding door open while working on our kitchen remodel. Parked in front of the door is where Pep spends 90% of her time.

The wild rabbits were out and about, chasing each other because it’s mating time, when this one decided that he fancied Pep and wanted in.

Bunny Loves to Play With Leaves

by Holy Cuteness on December 15, 2015

This adorable rescue bunny can’t wait to destroy the leaves that are thrown at her.


Baby Animals Opening Their Eyes for the First Time

by Holy Cuteness on September 25, 2015

A beautiful compilation of baby animals who are opening their eyes for the first time. Welcome to the world, little ones.


Bambi and Thumper Exist in Real Life

by Holy Cuteness on August 13, 2015

Steve and Vicky Johnsen spotted these real-life Bambi and Thumper play in front of the Lula W. Dorsey Museum in Estes Park, Colorado.


Yep, The Bunny Team is Complete

by Holy Cuteness on July 23, 2015

One, two,…… three!


Via Reddit.

Foster Kitten Thinks Rabbit is his Mom

by Holy Cuteness on June 13, 2015

Reddit user jadeycakes uploaded these adorable photos of her tiny foster kitten cuddling with her rabbit Alice. “One of my foster kittens has decided that my rabbit is his mother,” she wrote.




Via Reddit

Bunny Steals Snack

by Holy Cuteness on April 22, 2015

Bunny Oreo steals cracker from a little baby boy. Naughty Oreo!


Bunny Nods for Treats

by Holy Cuteness on January 5, 2014

Uffa the bunny nods when she wants to have a treat. Happy Bunday!

From Bahnny.