Porcupine Quills Removed From Raven

by Holy Cuteness on July 16, 2013

From YouTube: “A wild raven perched himself on our fence and squawked for over an hour. I went to see what was up with him and saw that he had four porcupine quills stuck in him, three in the side of his face and one in his wing. This video shows my Mom taking out the ones in his face. Very bizarre he let us get that close and even more bizzare he let my Mom pull the quills out. He hung around for the day and was gone the next. Best of luck Wilfred (yeah, I named him) lol.”

Via the Huffington Post.


Cute Duckling Reloaded

by Holy Cuteness on July 15, 2013

Awww, it’s the cute duckling again!

From Mihai Francu.


Cutest Duckling Ever?

by Holy Cuteness on July 9, 2013

Cute fluffy duckling likes to follow people, loves to swim, likes hair dryers and… loves to cuddle!

Submitted by Ray R., video from Mihia Francu.


Funny Whistling Parrot

by Holy Cuteness on July 8, 2013

Listen how Ollie the parrot whistles Monty Phyton’s ‘Always Look On The Bright Side of Life’. Happy Monday! :-)

Spotted on MSN Now.


New Baby Penguin at the Tennessee Aquarium

by Holy Cuteness on June 30, 2013

Tennessee Aquarium visitors are having fun acting as “penguin paparazzi,” each one hoping to capture the perfect picture of a fuzzy new bird. “The guests really love seeing this little Macaroni chick,” said senior aviculturist Amy Graves. “They ask a lot of great questions about baby penguins and the other birds currently incubating eggs.”

This newest addition is the first offspring for parents “Merlin” and “Sweet Pea,” but they seem to be adjusting to parenthood quickly. “They make an awesome combination,” said Graves. “Merlin is a good protector and Sweet Pea is very nurturing and better at feeding the chick.”

New penguin parents don’t always have the best parental instincts. While Merlin and Sweet Pea have done a pretty good job so far, the Aquarium’s penguin experts have had to supplement the feeding routine a couple of times to ensure this tiny bird was receiving enough nutrients. Fortunately this pair has a gentle demeanor that makes caring for the chick a bit easier. “Both Sweet Pea and Merlin are really laid-back with easy-going personalities,” said Graves. “That makes it easier for us to perform regular weight checks, clean the nest and feed when necessary.”

Guests can see this chick in an acrylic “plaype”” on the right-hand side of the exhibit. It has grown enough since hatching on May 31st to be visible most of the time. Although sometimes visitors may only see its bottom. “Merlin still likes to try tucking the chick under him for protection even though it’s too big to fit underneath,” Graves said with a chuckle. “The chick still wants to be tucked in, so every once in awhile you’ll see its head underneath Merlin.”

A blood test will be performed later to determine the gender of this new penguin.


Ducklings Rescued From Storm Drain

by Holy Cuteness on June 24, 2013

A group of seven ducklings was rescued from a storm drain after a quick-thinking passerby noticed the distressed mother.

Via ABC news, video from Columbus State Community College.


Five Dogs, a Cat and a Duck

by Holy Cuteness on June 23, 2013

One house, seven rescue animals…

Via the Huffington Post.


Baby Duck Wants to Play With Dog

by Holy Cuteness on June 12, 2013

Baby duck wants to play. Dog is having none of it.

Via the Huffington Post.


Owl Enjoys Being Petted

by Holy Cuteness on June 10, 2013

Listen to the happy sounds this owl makes, it obviously enjoys being petted.

Thanks to Jenny B. for tipping.


Crow Sounds Like a Rooster

by Holy Cuteness on June 9, 2013

This crow thinks he’s a rooster.

Spotted on DP and F.