Chicken Who Couldn’t Become a Mom Adopts Duckling

by Holy Cuteness on July 26, 2015

The girlfriend of Redditor Entershikari, found this little duckling on the parking lot of the duckling production factory, where she works for the summer.

She took the little fluffball home and introduced it to one of the chickens from her family, who live in the French countryside. The chicken had never been able to have chicks of her own and was nurturing rotten eggs for months.

They were a bit confused in the beginning, but after a while the duckling was snuggling up under the wing of the chicken.

The chicken now fully recognizes the duckling as her own and the duckling follows her everywhere. When the family tries to approach the duckling the chicken puffs her feathers and pecks the ones who dare come near the duckling, but they can still pet her back.

Via Reddit.

Bathing Owl is Totally Zen

by Holy Cuteness on July 24, 2015

Feeling a little stressed? Just put this video on repeat and soon you will be just as zen as this floating owl.

Our Sheriff’s Office deputies were driving near a campground on July 23 when they were stopped in their tracks by this young Northern Saw Whet Owl. After some curious head twisting (on both sides) it safely flew away. Watch the deputy have a conversation with the baby owl as it clicks back to her. #‎DeputiesLoveBabyOwls

Penguin is Afraid of Water

by Holy Cuteness on July 24, 2015

Charlotte the penguin refused to get into the penguin pool with the rest of her colony and did everything to avoid the water. But after some one-on-one swimming lessons, she now loves to get into the pool.

Ducklings Play with Pair of Shoes

by Holy Cuteness on July 20, 2015

These two ducklings are having fun with a pair of stinky shoes…

Soccer-Playing Cockatoo is One Cool Bird

by Holy Cuteness on July 19, 2015

This cool cockatoo busts out some serious moves to celebrate his goals.

A Dog, 8 Birds and a Hamster All Live Happily Together

by Holy Cuteness on July 16, 2015

Meet Bob, the friendly golden retriever. Bob lives with his human, 8 pet birds and a hamster in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Together they form one happy and unique family, as you can see in the following beautiful pictures.

You can follow Bob and his family on Instagram and Facebook.

H/T: Bored Panda

Pitbull Becomes a Baby Turkey Playground

by Holy Cuteness on July 1, 2015

Our pitbull is obsessed with baby fowl.

Also, at around 57 seconds, you can see her head straighten out with the quickness as soon as she feels a baby hop on board. Almost like she was at the doctors office getting a rectal exam lol……pretty funny

Goslings vs Cat

by Holy Cuteness on July 1, 2015

Just some fluffy goslings annoying a very patient cat…

Man Rescues Ducklings from Storm Drain

by Holy Cuteness on June 30, 2015

A man from Doncaster, England, saves 10 baby ducks from a storm drain, after hearing the mother duck frantically quack for her ducklings.

H/T: Daily Picks and Flicks