Baby Rockhopper Penguin at Shedd Aquarium

by Holy Cuteness on June 28, 2015

Shedd’s newest rockhopper penguin chick (Eudyptes chrysocome)– known as #23 – gets a routine feeding and check-up by animal care staff. The chick is being hand fed to supplement feedings from its parents – a male named Edward and female named Annie – who are steadily beginning to feed the chick on their own. Hatched June 9, the chick’s gender will be determined in about a year during a check-up by Shedd’s veterinary staff, and is expected to be fully grown in about two to three months.

Dog Watches Over Ducklings

by Holy Cuteness on June 21, 2015

Dug the dog watches over 200 fuzzy ducklings like they’re his own…

Guy Takes Baby Duck for a Walk

by Holy Cuteness on June 18, 2015

A guy takes a 4-week-old duckling for a walk. The duck, named Vegeta, was rescued after his mother died.

Dog Chills With Baby Chicks

by Holy Cuteness on June 15, 2015

Reddit user basa1 writes; “Girlfriend works at a vet hospital, and this is their “guard dog” :P.”

Cockatoo Screams in Cup

by Holy Cuteness on June 12, 2015

Just a cockatoo screaming into a cup — like crazy

Baby Chick Wants to be Held

by Holy Cuteness on June 11, 2015

Come on, just pick me up and I’ll stop cheeping!

Small Bird Takes a Bath in Man’s Hands

by Holy Cuteness on May 27, 2015

A cute little bird (European goldfinch) takes a bath in the hands of its owner.

Via Reddit

Owls Inspect Camera

by Holy Cuteness on May 26, 2015

A couple of these beautiful burrowing owls are very curious about the camera…

Owl Delivers Wedding Rings

by Holy Cuteness on May 22, 2015

How magical is this? An owl named Bilbo totally surprises all the guests, and the bride, as he flies the wedding rings down the aisle of the church. Apparently only the groom and the best man knew about it as you can tell from everyone’s reactions.

Baby Duck Hatches with Help of Brother

by Holy Cuteness on May 22, 2015

He took about 8 hours to peck his way out of the shell, but I was lucky enough to catch our latest duckling hatching with the help of his little sibling.