Cute Premature Donkey Wears Pink Casts

by Holy Cuteness on August 18, 2012

This baby donkey named Primrose, is wearing casts because the bones in her bowed legs have not fully developed, since she was born prematurely. She is staying at the Bind Equine Veterinary Practice in Bridgnorth, England, until she is strong enough to stand on her own.

Veterinary staff worker Kate Maxwell said:

“Primrose was born prematurely which is not very common and she couldn’t stand or walk very well. She belongs to a local family who keep donkeys and they called us to say there was a problem.
We brought her back here and she’s been wearing the casts for a week. Because her legs are bowed, her knee bones would be crushed under the weight.
We hope that in ten days time the casts can come off and she will have made a full recovery. She’s perfectly happy now, she can run around and jump.”

Full story, more photos at the Mail Online

Video via ITN News.

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