Happy Memorial Day!

by Holy Cuteness on May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day from Max the shih tzu.


Pug Does the “Puggle Shuffle”

by Holy Cuteness on May 30, 2016

That’s pretty cool…

Via Steph Hausman.

Pit Bull Waits in Line for Ice Cream

by Holy Cuteness on May 30, 2016

Yay, the ice cream truck!


After hearing the ice cream truck’s famous “theme”;, this adorable Pit Bull couldn’t help but run over for a cone. Watch as he patiently sits down and waits in line!

Baby Lambs Run For Breakfast

by Holy Cuteness on May 29, 2016

These hungry little lambs can’t wait to drink from their milk bottles…


Puppies and Kittens Share a Home

by Holy Cuteness on May 28, 2016

While it’s raining outside, this cat and dog take shelter in a doghouse and make sure their puppies and kittens are kept warm.


German Shepherd in Dreamland

by Holy Cuteness on May 28, 2016

Watch this German shepherd wake up from a very deep sleep…


Grizzly Bear Cub Gets Tickles

by Holy Cuteness on May 27, 2016

Orphaned grizzly bear cub Bella gets her feet tickled.


Naturalist Casey Anderson spends time with an orphaned grizzly cub to teach her about space and boundaries.

To learn more about Casey and Bella, watch the full-length story, “Man and Grizzly Bear – Rewriting History” here: https://youtu.be/BA17_TvO6vM

Cat and Baby Deer Are BFF’s

by Holy Cuteness on May 26, 2016


Our Rescued Baby Deer met the neighbors kitten and seem to like him. So cute!

Kittens Play on Staircase

by Holy Cuteness on May 14, 2016

Watch how these three adorable little kittens learn to play on the stairs.


Vancouver Bulldog Goes On An Adventure

by Holy Cuteness on May 13, 2016

Bulldog Mister Bentley goes on an adventure with his human and best pal Bradley Friesen.


Never thought I’d call a dog my best friend, but over the past 2 years, that’s what Bentley has become. My little 40lb adventure buddy. Checkout his big helicopter adventure in the mountains of Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Bentley is a 4 year old, English Bulldog who loves beaches, car rides and flying in helicopters.