Otterly Adorable Nomming Otter

by Holy Cuteness on May 12, 2016

What an otterly adorable way to eat…

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Pretzel and her two siblings were born and immediately dumped at a local LA shelter. Upon seeing them, it was it was apparent one of the reasons why. They were born with serious genetic abnormalities that made just living a challenge. On the outside, their arms and legs were twisted awkwardly in making walking, in the future, impossible.

The problems on the inside were not immediately discernible until the first night when one of the kittens died. Within months, Curly Sue also died of a massive heart attack.

Pretzel was the lone survivor. Her will to live was strong. Her personality was no different than any other cat. She didn’t care that her legs were useless and she had to crawl to reach laps. What mattered was that she got there.

Today, Pretzel is living in the perfect home with a perfect Mom. Pretzel is Michelle’s first cat, but she loves Pretzel so unconditionally that she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hog Hunting Done Wrong!

by Holy Cuteness on May 12, 2016

Just a dog and a mini pig roughhousing with each other…

Shark Loves to Hug

by Holy Cuteness on May 11, 2016

Blondie the lemon shark loves to interact with divers. Here she even gives one of them a hug.

H/T: Daily Picks and Flicks

Dog Convinces Human to Save a Hummingbird

by Holy Cuteness on May 9, 2016

A man in Whittier has gone the distance for a tiny hummingbird his once-feral dog helped rescue. Kristine Lazar reports.

This Farting, Corn-Eating Wombat Will Make Your Day

by Holy Cuteness on May 9, 2016

Pete the wombat eats his favorite snack — and lets out a huge fart.

Hippos Help Lost Duckling Get Out of Pond

by Holy Cuteness on May 8, 2016

Two friendly hippos help a duckling out of a pond in the Blijdorp Zoo, the Netherlands.

Bird Loves Belly Rubs

by Holy Cuteness on May 8, 2016

Mango the caique parrot loves to lie on its back to get some belly rubs from its owner.

Girl Makes Sea Lion Dance

by Holy Cuteness on May 7, 2016

A cute sea lion plays with a girl and mimics all her moves.

Cat Gets Chased by a Magpie

by Holy Cuteness on May 7, 2016

Daisy the cat is being chased by a magpie… 😄